Foreign Oil


On the TV show, The West Wing, it was said that the U.S.'s biggest supply of Foreign Oil was from Canada.

Not Saudi Arabia.

Is this true?


Yes it’s true:

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June 2007 Import Highlights: Released on August 20, 2007
Preliminary monthly data on the origins of crude oil imports in June 2007 has been released and it shows that three countries have each exported more than 1.40 million barrels per day to the United States.

Canada is number 1.


I believe that a grand total of under 30% of the oil used in the United States comes from the Middle East nations. I had the number by nation at one time. Canada is our #1 supplier, that is for sure. Norway is fairly high on the list too.


Using the above reference, if you don’t count Libya, Oil from the Mid-East is 25%

Saudi Arabia is 16% alone, Canada is 20%

It doesn’t make that much difference though since oil is traded on the world market. An interruption of oil from one source will affect the entire market price, whether we trade with that country or not.


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