Foremost UK Gay Activist Admits there is No Gay Gene

I’m pretty shocked that this ever made it out into the public. I also wonder if anyone else will publicly agree with Tatchell or if this will be the end of his career. Interesting.

It is still undetermined, it is jumping the gun to say otherwise. Science is in the process of understanding how the human genome works, it was only mapped a couple of years ago. To say one way or another is to ignore the science around genome biology.

It won’t be the end of his career because he has been saying for it for at least nine years.

This isn’t news.

I’m not going to make any comments towards whether it exists or not, but in either case, his use of words doesn’t quite match up with his knowledge of the matter.

Tatchell even went as far as to acknowledge the existence of some who have changed their “sexual orientation.” “If heterosexuality and homosexuality are, indeed, genetically predetermined… how do we explain bisexuality or people who, suddenly in mid-life, switch from heterosexuality to homosexuality (or vice versa)? We can’t.”

It has been known that certain genes get activated during some people’s lifetime, if it wasn’t active at birth, then it may later on in life. Examples include hairtype and hair colour. Certain genes have known to become more active later on in life.

Same sex attraction proponents face a dilemma.

They want to find a “gay” gene because that would allow them to state that same sex attraction is a physical attribute like race or gender, and something they neither chose to be nor can they change. Thus achieving for themselves protected status.

Many of these self same “gay” advocates fear that if the “gay” gene did exist then same sex attraction could be treated as a genetic defect.

With genetic screening, one can determine in utero whether their child is “gay” or not. Parents could then choose to abort their “defective” children, or with genetic therapy parents eliminate and/or replace the “gay” gene.

By the way, There is no evidence that shows that same sex attraction is simply “genetic.” What research does say is that same sex attraction is heritable but not inheritable.

To illustrate with an Olympic’s example:

Yao Min’s father is 6’7" and his mother is 6’3". Yao Min is 7’6". Both his parents played basketball. So you could say that Yao Min’s heredity predisposed him to play basketball.

But these traits did not mean that Yao Min had to play basketball or that he would be any good at playing basketball, let alone want to play basketball.

Genetic or not changes nothing to the moral disordered nature of homosexuality.

Amen, sodomism is evil perverted sick and immoral, genetic or not.

God says it is a sin, an abomination, therefore it is, and there is nothing any science or scientist can do to change that, despite what the statist humanist socialistic science-worshippers want.

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