Is there a patron saint of memory and lost items? I need “higher” help :slight_smile: Thanks!

I don’t know what it is, but I’m forgetting a lot of things lately! First I couldn’t find something I had gotten a long time ago and didn’t need until now, and now I can’t find my car keys! (I always misplace things when I clean my room and put things “where they belong”) So, I’m hoping my car keys didn’t disappear in a black hole like the last thing did, because I know it was in my room yesterday. :o I hope I’m not going crazy!

Anybody else have the same problem of forgetfulness?


St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. “Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come around, something is lost and cannot be found.” My Great-Grandma-in-law taught that to my kids. He helped me find my keys this morning.



My DH is always losing things. I keep telling him that he needs a shrine to St. Anthony on our dresser. :stuck_out_tongue:

St. Anthony and I are good friends. :wink: :yup:


This is wonderful! Now if only I can remember that when I need it…:shrug: There’s always St. Jude, I guess.


I have the same problem. I recently lost my glasses when I relocated and now I can’t see anything when I take my contact lenses out at night. :mad: :frowning: :shrug: Maybe I’ll enlist St. Anthony on my behalf. :rolleyes: :thumbsup:


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