Forgetting Mortal Sins

There is a sin which I committed years ago which I have just thought of in my mind now- I think it could possibly be mortal…

I remember going to Confession during those days, but I don’t remember confessing this sin (actually 2 different sins ever)… I think I would have remembered confessing them because they were so peculiar…

Anyways, I don’t really remember supressing them or witholding them by any means either… I always took Confession pretty seriously… I think if I had withheld them the guilt would still be burning with me to this day. I can’t remember repressing them.

I either completely forgot them, didn’t think about them whatsoever, or for some stupid reason didn’t think them real sins.

My question is… What now? Should I bring them up 2 years after the fact? I think they are mortal… I don’t know what to do- I just want to do the right thing.

My advice is get it off your chest. Say an act of contrition and then go to confession as soon as you can. Then your mind will be at ease.

Something similar happened to me. There were things I had done when I was young that I probably new were sins at the time, but didn’t realize their gravity. As I became more mature in my faith years later I began to think about the stupidity of my youth and started to wonder about whether or not I had ever confessed these things. So one day I just went to confession and told father that I had done such and such years ago and that was it. I no longer worried about it.

Good luck!

Thank you very much, sister. I appreciate your advice… If anyone else wants to comment, its welcome.

Yes you shouldn’t let it bother you if you went to confession, honestly. Those sins you forget are forgiven.

Now if you remember them you can just confess them your next confession.

I try to go to confession every couple months, to every few weeks. It keeps me honest and not too worried about sins I forget. As a guy these days, it is kind of hard to be perfect especially with no close Catholic friends.

I had a pretty intense confession when I came back to the Catholic Church and I still had to go back a couple weeks later to get some more things off my chest. Now and then something comes up, I confess it and move on.
That’s the great thing about being Catholic, it shows you how to own up to your mistakes, and not be a wimp. It makes you face your problems.

I don’t need to dwell on my crummy past, I need to see what I will do right in the future.

God Bless

Those are forgiven since you did not try to forget them, and did not know it was a grave matterand have been to confession since then. You can mention it to the priest in the next confession and expalin a little. Maybe bring up the theme of your other thread. Hey this is where I’m going tonight. An exciting Friday night.

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