Forgetting the Times a Sin Was Committed in Confession?

I just realized I might have forgot to say they I committed a possible sin (anti marriage thoughts) “several times.” Then again, I might have. This whole thing may not even be a sin too. The main reason I thought them today was to stop some lustful thoughts that stemmed from a dream I remembered. These thoughts were actually very effective at stopping lust as they basically showed me a tortuous marriage where a theoretical wife bossed me around and we argued a lot leading to annulments.

Since I am not sure I suppose I will not need to say I forgot next Confession. However, in the future I’d like to know whether I should mention if I forgot to confess the estimation of the times I committed a sin. Thanks! :thumbsup:

OP. A little hyper-scrupulous maybe? A question you need to ask a priest in your next confession.

I’ve noticed you tend to ask a lot of questions like this. It’s not helpful for you to ask them, and it’s not helpful for anyone else to respond.

Ask a priest. God is not sitting up in heaven with a tally sheet, checking off how many times you’ve sinned, and how many times you’ve gone to Confession. He’s not out to get you.

I reiterate…stop asking questions like this on an internet forum, and ask a priest IN PERSON. Follow his advice.

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Keep a diary.

Father has given you excellent and unimpeachable advice, Melodeonist.

You persist in this train of behaviour. There are very few clerics, and fewer priests, who contribute to this forum…and a lot of people who are very far from experts in matters related to the internal forum. Why do you persist in this method of proceeding?

You have a confessor. The resolution to your issues of conscience is by its proper formation.

That resolution is not achieved by a whispered question here or there in the confessional or questions posed of anonymous people – many of them not knowing what they are talking about – on an internet forum.

That proper means are: you asking to sit down with one who has the competence to help you resolve whatever was deficient in your catechesis in the area of moral theology and conscience formation…and you applying yourself to what is necessary through reading in order to attain that ability. Your priest…potentially a deacon or Religious, as you have discussed.

Conducting internet based polls on issues of subjective moral guilt are a recipe for disaster.

"There’s an app for that. If you are really that concerned you can keep a little “sin” book. It is what Nuns and Sisters used to carry on their persons and I would imagine many still do, esp. older religious.
When you commit an infraction against the Lord just mark it in your little book and each time you think you had an ooopsie, make another small mark. If it is a mortal sin you will not need to ‘mark’ it as it should stand out in your mind, but “mark” or list it if you need to. This may help you keep account of your sins and how many times you repeated the same mistakes-venial sins-per week. However, I don’t think Father really wants to know how many x’s you had lustful thoughts unless you have them in the extreme. You don’t really want to tell your priest that you had 77 or more of the same, do you. A small ‘sin’ book will help you to not forget and also what you may need to work on. Just don’t lose it! Might be some interesting reading for some people!
This probably does not answer your question…but it is the best I got!!:smiley:

Unfortunately, your scenario is not quite outlandish enough. I am afraid Melodeonist will be querying women Religious for where he, too, can purchase this book, thinking you are serious :frowning:

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