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Hi everybody. I had a question about confession. I’ll start off by saying that I’m ordinarily not a scrupulous person in any way, except for confession. I tend to repeat my pennance over and over and I always wonder about if my confession was good enough afterwards. Because of this, I decided to confess in a recent confession that “I was pretty sure of the validity of some past confessions but I just wanted to confess to be sure that they might not have been the best confessions.” I wanted to confess this just in case because I knew i would be nervous if I didn’t, but in reality I did not think those confessions were invalid, at worst I thought I did not have a firm enough purpose or something. When I when I confessed, I confessed all my sins the best I could and the priest told me I made an honest confession. After the priest started giving me advice and talking,etc,etc. I noticed I had forgotten to mention the thing about the past confessions. I ended up not telling the priest what I had done, I usually get nervous in confession and I did not mean to conceal the sin and I was not sure if 1) I was obliged to confess the sin at that point or 2) I was pretty sure that the sin was not mortal, so I thought I was being to scrupulous and the priest would I agree so I did not confess about my past confessions. Anyway, since, I have been kindof nervous about the validity of this confession and I feel as if I am always worried about the validity of each confession because of how I phrase sins, how many times I said I commited the sin, etc. etc. So my question is: do you think I have committed a sacrelige. I’m sorry if this is confusing, but its been bothering me

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If the sins are not mortal, then you do not need to mention them at confession anyway. From what you describe, you are being overly scrupulous about the past confession. As I read it, they are valid and there is therefore no reason you need to have mentioned them. Your confession is valid, do not worry.

Relax. During the absolution, the priest will usually refer to a phrase like “all of your sins, said and unsaid, are forgiven.”

This may sound a bit harsh, but try to pay a little more attention to what the priest is saying, instead of wracking your brain trying to think if you cleared out the inventory of mis-steps.

God bless.

I go through the list and write my sins down.

I’d rather go to Reconciliation where I can read from the list. I’m thorough but I don’t feel it necessary to “memorize” my sins prior to confession.

And anyway, once I’m in there, my mind goes absolutely blank. I have a typed out Act of Contrition.

I had a face-to-face Reconciliation with a priest once and he didn’t want me to use my list.

I so felt like saying, “Hello…my confession, not yours.”

Absolutely fine. Use a list if it helps. When I reverted some years ago, I needed that list! If you confess every month or even more often, it shouldn’t be necessary, and might be a sign of scrupulosity.

We’re all imperfect sinners who sometimes worry over past sins. Do you realize that it is very arrogant to obsess over sins that you have already confessed? It’s like saying Our Lord didn’t somehow do enough to save you, as if your sin is too great for Him to be able to forgive. If you do your part, trust in Our Lord to do His.

Make a good examination of sins ahead of time
Confess them humbly
Say a heartfelt Act of Contrition
Listen to advice your priest gives
Listen to and watch (if you are face to face) the absolution
Feel the real mercy of Jesus Christ.
Complete your penance

Excellent advise!
Also, do not doubt that your sins are forgiven, because they are.
If you genuinely forget a sin, that is human, make sure you mention it at the next confession. No need at all for anxiety. The priest has heard it all!

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Thanks everyone for the responses, these make me feel better

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When you truthfully forget to confess a sin during the sacrament of reconciliation it is also absolved but it is recommended to confess it next time you go to receive the sacrament sacrament again.

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