Forgetting to go to confession

I had intended to go to confession today. I had trouble sleeping so I didn’t go to the morning slot but was going to go to the evening slot. I’ve been doing work and the time just completely passed me by I missed the evening slot without even realising. It was an honest mistake but I feel really bad about it - is this something that could be classed as sinful?

can you ask your priest to hear your confession either before or after mass on Sunday?

This is not the exact situation, but it may help in discerning.

I would not know if it was just for pious practice or if you had serious sin. I mentioned in confession that I will try to do a thorough examination of conscience but once in the confessional I will go blank. The Priest asked me if it was serious/mortal sin, I told him that I could not imagine forgetting a mortal sin, he said exactly. He proceeded to remind me that the teaching is must confess serious/mortal sin. He had more counseling on the pious practice of course, but the issue is not serious not necessary as long as our “duties“ have been met. There is the penitential rite and the Our Father (which we know wipes away all venial sin) is said at every Mass. I just love this confessor.

God knows what’s in your heart…

no, why would you ask? has someone suggested such a thing to you?

No, no-one’s ever suggested that it would be but I just felt bad about it and wasn’t sure so I wanted to check.

Humans are imperfect - we have bad memories and short attention spans. That’s why, for example, when we go to confession even the sins we’ve forgotten are absolved, as long as we’ve genuinely forgotten them.

I don’t think there’s any sin in losing track of time in this manner - although next time you might want to set an alarm to remind you. Sometimes I find this necessary - almost missed an appointment the other day, in fact, luckily I got the beep to remind me.

Thanks. I think I’l do that to make sure I make it next week.
Usually I’m pretty good at remembering, I’ll be looking at the clock all day to make sure I go. I think today I was confused about the time because I got up late and I got so engrossed in my studies it just flew by me.

No sin was intended - go to a scheduled time next weekend.

This has happened to me also. Setting an alarm (cell phones are great for this) is a good idea. If you have mortal sins to confess, consider calling to make an appointment with your priest. If not, simply make a point to go to the next scheduled time.

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