Forgiveness After the Genocide, What Has Been Happening in Rwanda

Rwanda is a country in east Africa. The majority of the people are Catholics.

I have forgiven all of the Genocide that occurred in Rwanda.

Of course, it is easier to forgive people for doing something, when they did NOT do it to you.

Political murders are a special class of murdering.
The “King” says, I want them Killed.
In a way, that is the same thing that has happened since the beginning of having Kings.
A pity.

I was JUST NOW looking at that picture of the video on Rwanda on NetFlix. I came here, and here we are talking about it. Beautiful coincidence.

I met a priest who had been from that area and traveled around and would give donations to his people back in the Rwanda area.

He asked us to also pray for them, that it was one thing we could all do.

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