Forgiveness...Is it wrong to ask for forgiveness when

Is it wrong to ask for forgiveness when you feel like you’ve felt like you’ve already been forgiven by God? I’m relatively new to Catholic Reconciliation. In your own mind, how do you let things go?

That might depend on wether the sin still plagues you or if its behind you yet you still feel guilty about it. You will still have a memory of the sin and a memory of the guilt. don’t let this foster new guilt that could lead to some level of despair.

If it plagues you, use this to protect you from falling into future sin.

Thank you, that was so sweet. That answer was a blessing!!! I felt warmth in that answer.

Be careful not to confuse feelings with spiritual realities. If you have committed a serious sin, it must be brought to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, regardless of your feelings. On the other hand, when you have confessed a sin and received absolution from a priest, be assured that it is forgiven even if you don’t feel any different. Feelings can be deceptive.

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