Forgiveness is true love


Forgiveness is true love because in forgiving we not only give up the claims we have over our offenders but also sacrifice our own interest in the process of bringing healing to our offenders. In God we see the fullness of forgiving love. Although God is the king of Universe and infinite in power, He humbled Himself to become a mere human being in the person of Jesus. In doing this He surrendered His will by subjecting Himself to human conditions of a sinful world. Furthermore, although we offered Him no love, betrayed Him, were unfaithful to Him and hurt Him by our sins, He sacrificed His life while suffering the most brutal torture, in order to free us from sin. In other words, He the victim compensated for the hurt we caused Him by sacrificing His own life. In doing this He stayed faithful to His covenant and showed us what true love is. If we want to follow Him we must love one another the way He loved us (John 15:12).


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