If someone wrongs me, I realize that I must be willing to forgive them if the apologize. Do I have to forgive them if they do not ask forgiveness?

Yes, we must forgive everyone who wrongs us. Even if they don’t ask us to. God calls us to forgive as He forgives us. I know that is hard sometimes. People do horrible things to each other sometimes. And they are not always sorry and won’t ask for forgiveness. But we have to remember that we are sinners too. We mess up and have to turn to God’s mercy. Therefore, we must show mercy to others. Like I said, sometimes it is hard. I find that praying for the person who wronged you (as hard as that might be) helps. If we really want to forgive and “let go” of something, we should pray harder than ever. If we ask God to help us to forgive, He will. God bless.:thumbsup:

Actually, I was using that concept and came to the other conclution.

In Ceconsiliasion, I have to go to confession and ask frorgiveness and be contrite; either perfectly or imperfectly, before Absolution is valid.

If I have not confessed, the Lord has not absolved me.


yes ypu must always forgive people even if they dont apologize. If you didnt than what do you say would happen.

When two people hurt each other sometimes there needs to be apologies and forgiveness from both sides. If only one person wants to apologize and ask for forgiveness, they may feel very bad that the other person only sees their own hurt. That is when I’ve found it hardest to forgive.

Yes we are to forgive this is taught to us in the Lords prayer. Jesus said unless you forgive others their sins God can not forgive your sins. I do want to add one thing though. We do not have to allow the person who hurt us to keep hurting us. Forgive them then love them from a distance if you know what I mean. My Grandma use to say that has got to be one of the hardest commands of Jesus to follow. Keep praying and ask God to help you to truly forgive the person even if you don’t feel as though you had. Faith is not feeling only and sometimes the feeling of forgivness comes later on. Just keep praying and Say Father that person really hurt me and they don’t seem to care, but I love you and want to forgive them as you have forgiven me of my many sins through Christ. God is faithful. God Bless

Thank you all.

Phoage, you may want to check out “Left to Tell”, by Imaculee’ Ilibagiza. She is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, and her story is powerful. It’s partially about how she came, through her faith, to forgive those who had brutally and senselessly murdered her family. Perhaps it will speak to you.

I know I have a real tough time with the concept of forgiveness without contrition, even though intellectually I know it is the right thing. Lots of good responses on this thread, though.

If nothing else, pray for them, but to cause yourself less heartache it is best to forgive. That way even if you do not forget, you will have put some of the hurt behind you.


Just an update to all of you who answerd me (Thanks). I was reading my Bible last evening and ran into this (Wondorous are the ways of the Lord),

Mt 6-14 If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavanly Father will for give you.

Thank you again.


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