I ran across a true story about a man who forgave a militant woman who set off a bomb in a Catholic church in Nepal. He was injured, and his wife and one of his daughters was killed. There’s a picture of the beautiful church after the bombing here:

In my own life, I’ve found that God does indeed give the strength and ability to forgive when I ask for his help. But my husband sometimes seems to be angry all the time and holds grudges about the littlest things. Not with me particularly, but folks he works with, people he worships with (especially our priest), etc.

Does anyone have any hints on how to help another learn to forgive?

I’d appreciate your prayers on his behalf.

Perhaps you could bomb something and give him the opportunity to forgive?

I kid! I kid! :smiley:

…Tch:rolleyes:…liquidpele you are such a noob!

Here is a little help for you NCSue;:stuck_out_tongue:

Christ died so that all (even sinners) could enter our fathers kingdom despite having done bad things. Jesus also said on the cross: “Forgive them farther for they know not what they do.”
So forgive others as the father also forgives you. Remember “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”
And of course, “If you do not forgive others, how is the father to forgive you?”

…there is no other way to the father except through Christ, and Christ IS forgiveness (that is his soul existence), NC Sue.

The cross was surrender, so we too must surrender, our grudges, our anger, our sadness and our lost hope of the past, present and even future. Surrender your emotions to the Almighty Lord who controls all.

I truly hope this will help you and your husband.:signofcross:

I believe that before you can forgive others you must first forgive yourself for what you do wrong, there can be no truth to forgiveness if you are not in harmony with yourself and with God first.

This is how I truly live and it works for me and my family.

Hi Sue :wave: I will certainly keep your husband in my prayers, and you… as well, dear soul. I know from experience that it’s not easy to live with a person who has these “angry” traits. I’ve lived with one of my sisters, off and on… over the years; and she too, has a personality which tends toward anger and grudges. She had been a fallen away Catholic for 30 years… but this past Easter, she returned to the Church and the Sacraments.

She currently lives in another state, but we do occasionally talk on the phone. Although the tendency toward anger is still there… I have noticed a definite “mellowing” of her personality since her return to the Church.

So, I can testify to the power of prayer! Please keep my sister in your prayers, too. Thanks! God bless you.

NCS - I experienced a great deal of abuse in my childhood. The only thing that has helped me is meditating on the suffering of Christ and wounds that I have caused Him. In the realization of how great is my own sin and how much greater is His grace, I am learning to forgive. Specifically, aside from the Rosary (mostly the sorrowful mysteries) the Stations of the Cross according to St. Francis of Assissi is very powerful.

Does he read much?

God bless you in your desire to serve Him to Christ.

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