I am putting this here because it actually deals with a Social Justice Class that I am taking called, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness & Social Justice. We are currently discussing Forgiveness. What we are trying to do is develop a the definition of what is Forgiveness. Part of our definition includes Forgiving a person who has harmed or hurt you in some way. The issue soon turned to God and how at times people will blame God when they are hurt only to reconcile after they learn that God’s plan had nothing to do with them hurting the individual to begin with.
The stumper in the hunt for this answer hit a road block when the is question was thrown out…
If I have to forgive God, is there an outcome I can expect? If you forgive a living person, you might have a conversation or inward directed feeling, what about for the omnipotent?

Would like a little insight into this question. Thanks

Social justice gets a bad name due to its often times disconnect with doctrines of the Church. The way I am reading this post, forgiving God, is certainly an example of this disconnect although it may not be intended in the blasphemous way it could be taken. We are creatures and the Creator is all good, Goodness itself, and we have no need or even right to forgive Him.

Often though, in a sense, in regard to ones own spiritual journey, one may need to “forgive” God in order to start afresh mentally. What this is in reality is forgiving ones erroneous impression of God so as to begin a true study of God without animosity. This has nothing to do with the true God Who is Creator and Who loves us. It is purely a psychological exercise to move on afresh.

The Church has centuries of authoritative study and definitions against heretics and heresies regarding the Nature of God and this forgiveness that is indicated in the post is so wrong as to be akin to heresy. It is our job to beg forgiveness for our continued failures due to personal sin. We cannot expect any response from God as we are unworthy to receive anything but condemnation. That God offers us redemption and Grace is only due to His total Goodness and has nothing to do with our actions. This is not meant to belittle God’s Creation but is a reflection of the humility we must have and comes from the true Nature of God as revealed to us by Jesus and His Church.

True social justice is about the correct application of the doctrines and dogmas as offered to us by the Church in relation to our neighbors. Social justice is about equality in charity (Love) concerning what is owed to people and confusing this with being owed something by God or expecting a response as if we were equal with God is a work of Satan, though sadly a fruit all to often associated with what passes for “social justice” classes nowadays. The Pontifical Council For Justice And Peace published the “Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church” and should be the starting point for the study of Catholic social justice.

Perhaps the post wasn’t worded correctly or was read erroneously; if so please reiterate to clear up any misunderstandings on “forgiving God”.

What an odd question! “Forgive God?” Very strange way to consider our relationship with God. We are in no position whatsoever to forgive God! If it is a case of our mistake then we forgive ourselves, God has not been involved, and we have no way of granting forgiveness to the Almighty God.

We might be angry AT God, when something happens to us that we don’t like or understand such as the unexpected death of someone we love, and we might hold our hearts closed to Him for a time in bitterness, but that is our emotions and our failings, our shaking our tiny fists at the heavens in despair, but God understands our pain and is there for us right through these happenings.

We can forgive others, and forgive ourselves, but God offers US forgiveness!

Is it possible to remove the word forgiveness and use reconcile? Because part of forgiveness is reconciliation. The context of the question was not necesssarily religious based but went off topic when someone asked if God is the ultimate how does one forgive God. More of a philosophy question but none the less a question that posed a problem. I don’t think it was directed as an insult toward God, but rather to ask can we forgive everybody or anything. Is it possible to do so?
It’s is one of those questions that causes debate and perhaps causes friction in an academic community.
What I am finding is that there are two type of people, one who has a theological view–which I am in agreement with and one that has an academic view that eliminates God as an object of discussion. It is done this way because again, when God is the ultimate he can do no wrong so how does a person of sin challenge one who has no wrong doing. So eliminating God from the equation allows the process to continue with only people.

Well, yes, the reconciliation is part of what we do with God when we have sinned. Again, it is us approaching God with our sin and pain from that sin, we confess our sin and repent, we are forgiven and receive absolution. God forgives us, there is no need for us to forgive him or to demand reconciliation. We ask for our own sake, not for God’s sake.

This is a very theoretical and removed question. I don’t think you can really communicate with people whose minds reject the possibility of a divine presence. They are just not able to understand how we approach life, what faith is, what God is and isn’t. But good luck anyway!

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