Can I be forgiven for divorce if my husband and I are back together?

Of course you can. The Lord forgives us for all of our sins. We only need to approach Him seeking His infinite Mercy and we will receive full pardon. I suggest you make an appointment with your parish priest to discuss your concerns. He will reassure you, and if you haven’t already gone to confession then he will certainly make time to hear your confession as soon as possible.

It’s wonderful that your husband and you are back together. Congratulations. Why would you not be forgiven? I hope you can find the courage to speak to a priest in Confession as the right beginning to your renewed Sacramental life.
If you married validly in the Church and have no annulment, then your marriage is still valid and sacramental. That is a wonderful thing, not a cause for “unforgiveness.”

Our dear God I ask Your powerful blessing on this couple. Help them to be wise and loving, to communicate well and lovingly, to overcome all obstacles, and to live in harmony with Your loving will for them

God bless you both,


There is no sin that can not be forgiven, save the sin against the Holy Spirit, which you are not guilty of. Congratulations! and may God continue to bless and protect you and your husband. Amen.

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