Just a couple of questions on forgiveness. I know Jesus taught forgiveness even though it is hard sometimes!

Can you forgive someone who doesn’t think they need forgiveness? (They think they are 100% in the right and have nothing to apologise for)

Can you forgive someone but choose not to associate with them anymore?

Yes to both!
Forgiveness is giving up your right to be angry, and it is not condoning or absolving someone from the consequences. It is also not reconciliation, which requires both sides. Forgivness only requires one side.

Yep to both.

One last thought, if you forgive someone but use it to hold power over them it is not forgivness. You are better off not associating with them if you cannot do that.


I’m not sure how you could forgive someone and then use it to hold power over them?

It is when you tell someone you forgive them then, bring up what they did wrong to make the other person feel guilty when you don’t get your way.

The forgiving is sometimes easier than the forgetting, but it can be a cross to bear that can yield many benefits if offered up for those in need.

Just been reading an article by Tim Staples on forgiveness which states that as we can not go beyond what God does, we cannot forgive until the other party asks for forgiveness. That we can love them but not “like them” and we do not have to forget what they did but not hold it against them.

In response to a comment about Pope John Paul II forgiving his assailant without an act of contrition, he said it was an offering of forgiveness but theologically he cannot forgive until an act of contrition.

What do you all think?

We forgive someone but it doesn’t forgive their sin to God. Just releases us from our pain and anger and whatever other negative emotions we may have. Hopefully our forgiveness will encourage them to forgive themselves and seek to right what they have done with God.

We are called to forgive 70 times 70 times…even though it’s hard.

Yes, forgiveness and reconciliation are not the same thing.

Think of sexual assault victims that forgive their attackers, often this act brings them much healing and peace. However this does not mean they would necessarily need to intive them over for lunch.

We can recognize that a relationship may not work in it’s present state, but we are obligated to forgive, Christ commands it even, but we are not obligated to an ongoing relationship, though much discernment should take place if we are avoiding certain people out of revenge or if it is really for the best.

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