What is the Catholic definition of forgiveness? I mean this as it pertains to forgiving another person. What is forgiveness and it’s definition? How do you forgive someone you a re very angry with and have been very hurt by?


If you feel you can’t foregive someone, at least pray for the grace to be able to forgive that person, to see and love that person as God sees him or her.


True forgiveness of sins can only come from God. But as to forgiving someone who has wronged you, this is probably something we have all struggled with. We have all committed acts against one another great and small, and it is important to remember this when you are resenting someone for what they’ve done to you. It is hard, and sometimes for me requires a great deal of prayer, depending upon the offense, but it is something you should strive to do, no matter how hard the process or how long it takes. We can only be forgiven our own sins lest we forgive each other…


This is something I am working on. What I try to remember is all of the love and acceptance that I have had in life that that person has not had. Basically, I’ve come to the point where I can forgive them for what they have done, but I am not going to put them in a position to hurt me any more. I’m also praying that they will find some sort of direction to get back on the right path before it’s too late. I’m also counting on God that his justice and his mercy will be perfect, so that I don’t have to worry about it. I know he knows a lot better than I do.


But If your unable to forgive a person, are you in mortal sin? And in confession, would a priest give absolution to a person who refuses to forgive?


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Good question(s)…


I work with many youth who do me wrong daily. When I get home before I go to bed I remember Jesus telling us not to go to bed with unresolved issues.

This is the pattern He gave me.
*****Remember that this is NOT a fault finding situation *****so there will not be blaming since what we are looking for is the freedome only Jesus can give us.
1.think about the person you are wanting to be free of the issue, and you will find that it is yourself.
To disempower the pain firstly forgive yourself for being caught up in the situation, because had you not been in the place you were you would not have been hurt. Truth though is that you were there so forgive self, know tha the truth is that you will never be forgiven unless you forgive others. So next forgive the other persons not because you have done wrong but because you will set yourself free in doing so.
Next let it all go, tell Jeus that you wish to let the actions all go to the feet of Jesus on the cross, which is where it should all be. Next you tell Jeus that you **nail all that section of your life **to the cross. Jesus then will take it like his arms are out reaching as far as the east is to the west.
Lastly invite the Holy Spirit to come and fill the vacume from where the pain has left you.
This is the way I counsell and it is so effective since it is all that Jesus tells us to do. At times it is not possible to see a priest and also we have to ask forgiveness if we do wrong. Jesus tells us not to come to Him for forgiveness when we have not gone to those who we have hurt firstly. If it is someone who has hurt us then we are called to forgive them, remember the Lords prayer.


I’ve been told that forgiveness is when you wish God’s salvation and God’s love to the person you’re forgiving.

Of course, if that were a definition, it could go wrong if you, let’s say, wished someone God’s love but still wanted to exact vengeance (it would at least feel weird and it would make me wonder if forgiveness really had occured)… So I suppose forgiveness may occur when you give up vengeance and wish the other person the fullness of God’s love and grace, salvation.


All forgiveness must come from the Heart ( because it is what God wishes and that we wish God’s will to be done for us), not the head which is Justice, God tells us that God alone is the judge over all, to take vengence. Our forgiveness is because of mercy, what we would wish God to give us (His forgiveness). Forgiveness is complete releasing of the situation as Jesus did on the cross, to the thief and then to all others from Adam to the last person to sin on this earth. we are to forgive in love as Jesus does each second each day to each of us 7 time 70 times.

God bless


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