Forgiving and evil acts


Hi, I’m from CT and we had a horrrific murder a few days ago, made the internet and CNN. A doctors family was stalked and they broke into their home in the middle of the night. The father was left for dead, the wife and 2 daughters terriorized and raped, then the wife strangled and the girls tied to their beds, suffocated when they lit the house on fire. Thankfully they were caught leaving the home in their car…longer story short, how are we supposed to deal with feelings to the 2 men involved? How do you pray for them? I just feel numb and angry at the senseless act of violence. What are we as Catholics supposed to do?


Acknowledge that despite horrendous sin, we are all God’s children.
Then pray:

  1. for comfort for those in sorrow, and
  2. for conversion of the perpetrators


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