Forgivness of Sins


Protestants always get around the literal meaning of John 20:22-23 by injecting their own bias into the Lord’s words. Thats fine, I can’t change that. There is only 2000 years of Sacramental confession to a Priest that they have overlooked, and another 1000 references in the ECFs writings. No problem.

The one thing our Christian brothers and sisters always go back to something like:

Honest question, as non-Catholics, non-Orthodox, when was the last time anyone ever confessed to you that they have stolen, killed, masturbated, lusted, commited adultery, cheated on their taxes, or anything else.

More general question:
When was the last time you actually “heard” a confession from another brother or sister?

Just want to get a feel for how often protestants actually believe in what our favorite martin suggested.


From a sample on this forum a while back, the answers were varied. :o


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