Forgoing prayers for the dead?

Since my most recent confession this month I have been able to avoid mortal sin until just recently today. Should I forgo my daily rosary for the deceased until I have been able to perform the Sacrament of Penance?

I am currently praying a rosary for individual souls departed. I am afraid that those prayers for the individuals (acquaintances, friends, family members) whom I would pray for under a state of mortal sin would be severely inefficacious. Since Advent begins at the end of the week I would have to wait 10 days for my confessor to be available.

BTW; I am not confident that my contrition is perfect at the moment.

Thank you very much any help that you can give!

Keep praying, even when you are in mortal sin. The devil doesn’t particularly care what sins we commit. He just wants our sins to be what we identity with, instead of with the image of God in which we have been made. To forego prayer while in a state of sin can lead to this kind of despair.



You should continue to pray always, including for souls in Purgatory. God doesn’t stop hearing your prayers, especially prayers for others, just because you sinned. Praying also is likely to help strengthen you against future sin, motivate you to get to Confession, and bring you closer to God in general.

The Church does require that you have to be in a state of grace to earn indulgences for yourself or the dead in Purgatory, but these indulgences come from the Church, not directly from God.

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I think you should pray for the dead anyway. If they aren’t helped supernaturally God in his goodness may find a way. It could be that God might accept your contrition and that could help the poor souls.


The devil is lying to you and telling you that you are your sin and it is no use to pray. St. Ignatius of Loyola has 14 rules to help us know what we are experiencing in the spirtual life and help us take action to move towards God. You are experiencing what he would call spiritual desolation. When experiencing this he says to NEVER make changes in our prayer life but to continue on as planned before the desolation began. Definitely, say that rosary for that great intention.

Fifth Rule. The fifth: In time of desolation never to make a change; but to be firm and constant in the resolutions and determination in which one was the day preceding such desolation,


God bless you all! Thank you all very much for the help, advice, and suggestions! I have continued my daily rosary for the dead. And will continue so for the coming weeks.

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God’s mercy doesn’t depend on your sinlessness.
After any/every fall, go to Jesus, confess to him and apologise and continue on. This “perfect contrition” clause is something you’ve placed on yourself; Christ didn’t demand that from you. The rift can be healed immediately, even if the sacrament can’t be availed of for a few days.

Pray for the dead at every opportunity. You could assist in someone being released by your prayer…don’t make them wait for days.

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Thanks for posting this. Several times im too embarrassed or ashamed to pray to Christ or the mother of God until i went for confession.


Prayer can do no harm, so why withhold your prayers? Besides which, an Act of Perfect Contrition will absolve you in anticipation of your Confession, as long as you retain the intent to confess at your next opportunity. Meditate upon the Lord’s Passion, and develop a loathing of sin because of what your sins did to Him.

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