Forgot how powerful adoration is


I was on a “Christmas Discernment Retreat” at my diocese’s seminary, which was very nice. I love being able to discern with ordinary men like myself. On Friday and Saturday night during Night Prayer we had adoration. Now, I’m not one to go to adoration often. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was there. Anyways, I was overcome by such an inner peace that I never felt before. I could feel the Lord close to my heart, and it just made me so happy. Even when we were not having adoration, I would go to the chapel alone and just sit there and pray, and I just couldn’t get over how peaceful I felt. I must try this more often!


Hi CatholicZ09,

Isn’t that great? I love that feeling about Adoration. I am so happy that you got the chance to go.

When I would go, I would just sit there in the church and just listen to the “quiet.” It was so nice to do that. :slight_smile:


Adoration is the highlight of my week. I’ll jump through all kinds of hoops to get in one hour, but my ideal is three. (I usually have three available to me each week, though at times I can only manage one and even that is complicated.)

The time I spend with the Blessed Sacrament makes the rest of my chaotic life manageable. I’m so glad you’ve been reminded of how wonderful it is to adore—its power to nurture faith, to comfort in times of difficulty, and to inspire deeper devotion to Christ is, in my experience, unparalleled. Much has come to me in Adoration. It pains me when I have to do without.

God bless you in your discernment. I’ll be praying for you!


I just dropped into the chapel the other day. We are not having adoration this week due to Christmas week. I just sat there and Listened to the quiet for a while. The busyness of this time of year really is distracting. It was such a relief to just take a few minutes to be with Jesus. The activity for my family and friends is real and something I do want to do, but still . . . there would not be this season without the incarnation. I need to recognize that and thank Him for that.


A nice alternative if I cannot get to adoration or a visit to the Blessed Sacrament is to view the live image that the sisters post for us on their website. Whenever the image is a red X, it means they are in the chapel for mass or the recitation of one of the hours. The image is resumed after they leave the chapel. Since there is no time or space with God, this is a wonderful way to pray the Chaplet, Rosary, or just sit a few minutes in prayer before the image without leaving one’s home.


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