Forgot penance



I went to Confession, but I couldn’t recall what my penance was. I’m positive the priest gave me penance, he didn’t forget. I remember him giving me something, I just can’t remember what. Usually I’m asked to pray three Hail Mary’s, one for my own sins, one for my parish, and one for the Holy Father’s intentions. So I just did this, and hoped I got it right.

I know the validity of the Sacrament TECHNICALLY doesn’t rely on penance, but was this the proper thing to do?


If your confession was with a pure intent, then follow your clean conscience.

You ought to be attentive to the Holy Spirit when observing Reconciliation. He will guide you. Do not be overly concerned about the specific request of the priest. You are able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Thank Him for your confessor and his service, and pray for your confessor and his ministry. Penance is not limited to one good work, but what pleases the Lord. Listen to His good council.


Yes you did the right thing.


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