Forgot to confess mortal sin

If you commit a mortal sin(s) and then you go to confession and confess, but you forget to mention a particular sin that is mortal, then after receiving communion for a couple of weeks remember that mortal sin which you forgot to confess, would you be profaning the Body of Christ if you didn’t go to confession before the next time you received communion?

I ask because, I saw something which reminded me of a sin (I’ll assume worst case scenario, so let’s say it is mortal), which I had not confessed because I forgot it. Only now, a few weeks after confession, I remembered it. Now, would I be able to receive communion worthily without confessing that sin anymore? Or could I receive communion and just confess it the next time I go to confession (in a couple of weeks)? Or would I be in a state of mortal sin now that I have remembered it?


When you go to confession, and confess all mortal sins that you are aware of, and are sorry for them, you are completely forgiven!

It is only where you deliberately lie to the priest by not telling him something you are certain of to be a mortal sin, where you might have an issue here.

If you remember a mortal sin later, you are still forgiven, and may receive communion. As far as mentioning the sin in the next confession, I think it is recommended, but not so strictly required as to be a problem if you don’t.

Actually is it “required” …we are obliged to. But no need to go to Confession sooner.

(unless the required confession once a year of grave sins comes up…)

But one is “obliged” to confess the mortal sin in the next confession (after you remember…and assuming of course you do not forget to again).

So no worries…just confess it next confession. As noted in the previous post…one may go to communion for if one was sorry …and was not “hiding” a mortal sin…then it was absolved (indirectly…).

It just still needs to be “submitted directly” in the next confession.

(oh and I should note that those who have a difficulty with scruples…since they can “see mortal sin where it is not etc” they need to listen to their confessor…)

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