Forgotten Hymns

Just curious: In how many parishes are these hymns still used? Have people even heard of them?

Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels), Adore te Devote (Humbly I adore thee), O Salutaris hostia (O saving victim), Pange Lingua Corperis (Now, my tongue, the mystery telling), Tantum Ergo Sacramentum (Come Adore)


Heard of a couple, had them played in Church not in many years.

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During Lent, at Benediction, my parish still sings Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris Hostia.


These three my choir still does. I’ve actually heard them quite often.

No, but we have Pange Lingua Gloriosi (Sing My Tongue the Savior’s Glory).

No, but we have Adoramus Te Christe (We Adore Thee O Christ)


You seek forgotten hymns?

Here they are! (including the sublime “O Santisima” and " God of mercy and compassion")


Same; We use them throughout the year at Benediction.

Panis Angelicus is inscribed around the ceiling of our church, but I can’t recall singing it much. I’ve never heard of “Pange Lingua Corperis”? But I know Pange Lingua Gloriosi – Is that what you meant?

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They’re all used at parishes that have Latin Mass (including cathedrals).

At parishes that primarily have OF:
Pange Lingua is popular for events such as 40 Hours Devotion services (a local church just used it for a 40 Hours procession last week). It is more typically sung by a choir than by the congregation.

Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris Hostia are the standard “benediction” hymns and one or the other, in Latin or in English as the priest chooses, is generally used at any Benediction, which typically takes place at the end of regularly scheduled Adoration. They also both make an appearance sometimes, usually in English, as Mass hymns at various churches.


I’ve heard of all of those, so I don’t think they’re forgotten at all.

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For that matter, most of the hymns on IanM’s list aren’t forgotten either.
All the Marian hymns on that list tend to make an appearance on Marian feast days at any parish that has an organ and a decent organist.

While not a “forgotten hymn”, here’s a “forgotten verse” from my childhood I haven’t heard for years then came across on the You Tube

Immaculate Mary
Our hearts are on fire
That title so wondrous
Fills all our desire

(Ave ave ave Maria)


Huh, I never heard that verse. It must not have made it into the MIssalettes when I was a kid.

I would duplicate Dougbro1’s list. Used in our church. Not often, but used.

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Three are sung at every Benediction.

Panis Angelicus is sung every 6 weeks or so at Sunday Mass.

All of these hymns are used with varying degrees of regularity at my parish (we used the Ordinary Form exclusively).

Panis Angelicus - Latin only

Adore te Devote - Latin (sometimes); English (frequently)

O Sautaris hostia - in both English and Latin at weekly Benediction, depending on the preference of the priest

Pange Lingua - in Latin on Holy Thursday, in English on Corpus Christi and other appropriate feasts, although our English translation is “Sing My Tongue the Savior’s Glory”

Tantum Ergo - in both English and Latin at weekly Benediction, depending on the preference of the priest

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I hear that all the time.

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Please forgive my amazement. A post-Vatican 2, Novus Ordo only Mass? Totally awesome! Good for you!

It was phased out in the 70s.

For the longest time I thought it was a false memory, only I’m not that imaginative.

Our parish has had fairly traditional pastors for the last 40+ years. That is not to say, however, that our music is all Latin. We use the St. Michael Hymnal, which includes many traditional hymns but also some newer songs too. We have organ music at three weekend Masses and guitar (but again, the same hymnal) at the fourth.

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I have heard most of those hymns within the last year and I don’t regularly attend Mass in the Latin Rite. I attend the Divine Liturgy and occasionally attend Mass daily or on other special occasions. I don’t think they’re forgotten at all.


At my parish the choir sometimes sings Panis Angelicus and O Salutaris Hostia. They are more modern arrangements so you might not recognize the melody right away.
We do sing some of those other pieces on Holy Thursday while and just after the Blessed Sacrament is processed to the Altar of Repose.

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