Formal Introduction from a former agnostic


Greetings all,

I recently registered here with this forum and would just like to introduce myself. I go by “theLogos” as I admire John’s wit and wisdom of using an ancient term that was familiar to the people of his day in his effort to reach his generation with the truth of the real Logos (the Word of John 1:1) so I choose that as my screen handle. And John 1:1 was my first official Bible study verse as a young christian when trying to understand who Jesus was! Had to know if the Jehovah’s Witness translation was correct or all the others!

A little background about myself. I am a former agnostic that while raised with a quasi Presbyterian background my only memories of church as a youngster was getting confirmed (I recall having to memorize a bible verse which just happened to be the correct answer the preacher was going to ask me to “pass” my confirmation, and chasing the pretty girls who also attended … and … not to mention the countless hours of sleep I got as I lay in the pew with my head on mom’s lap. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my late teens I had 2 brushes with death that caused me to seriously think … Where would I be spending eternity if I were to die in either of those events? My conscience told me that if there was really a God, heaven would not be my home. Shortly thereafter I joined the Navy and not too long after that entered into a covenant relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through the person of Jesus of Nazerath. This was back in around the 3rd week of September 1984 and was born of God.

Quickly thereafter my faith was challenged by virtually everything you can think of and sorted and researched through the questions of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormon’s, Protestant sects, Catholic’s, etc. After learning of the plethora of views out there I decided to literally NOT go to any church/fellowship for about a year and a half and just study the Bible alone (although I did get Baptized during that time and did visit some different churches/fellowships). Till this day I still always have one within reach as it is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path, and more than sufficient to equip me for every good work.

My life has not been the same since. I soon learned of the unbeleivable amount of evidence supporting the veracity of the Bible and just how much I could actually trust it. It is not the fairy tale I was told it was. Apologetics has become a field of study for me over the course of these years and I own many works. Many of which I wish I was more fluent in but having access to the resources is 90% of the battle as I can quickly/easily look up references within their context and read/study it for myself. I am also a business owner and time is precious to me as I certainly do not have as much of it as I’d like, espeically to participate in discussions of which I love the most. Those which concern the Savior and the gospel he has commissioned his followers to share. I appreciate the open dialogue on these forums as I have questions I would like to ask as I don’t get time at work to really discuss lots of the issues I have studied and particularly questions that are raised when I read through official documents of the Catholic Church and also the Early Church Fathers. I hope my questions will not offend and I realize that words can often be taken the wrong way sometimes when writing via forums etc. as we can’t look into the eyes and see the expression on the face as these words are being typed. In any case I do appreciate the open dialogue and look forward to participating here if I am welcome to.

Kind regards,


Hello logos and welcome to CAF.:slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums, theLogos. You are more than welcome, as mutually respectful dialogue about Jesus Christ, and our faith in Him, is a thing pleasing to God.

Newcomers generally are encouraged to review the Forum Rules, so as to avoid at the outset common pitfalls. You can find them by going to Forums, then to Concierge Desk, then to Sticky:Rules of the Road.

Then, why not ask just one clear question?





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