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I am a Catholic, have been all my life and will never ever change.

However, I have been a bit apart from God as of late, and today after praying the rosary, I asked myself, “Why do we tell people to pray an “our father”, or a “hail mary”, for our intentions?”

For example, when your friend tells you “pray a hail mary for me”. Why do we have to pray a hail mary? Why not just pray to God for that person? Why a hail mary, or our father or whatever formal prayer? Why dont we just say “God I hope you help my friend with his test, etc…”

i hope someone understands my question!!

There is no reason to say a Hail Mary or Our Father. Formal prayer can help to settle our minds to reach out to God. It is a spring board to deeper communication. It helps to create the right atmosphere to be aware of God’s presence. If you feel more comfortable using your own words, than you shouldn’t be concerned that you are not using a formal prayer. Prayer after all is the lifting of one’s mind to God. When it comes down to it I don’t think the words matter.

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to the CAF community.

People do sometimes ask a specific formal prayer, but many others simply say, ‘will you pray for me [or…’] without specifying any particular form the prayer should take.
Many of us do also use intention-specific ‘informal’ prayers to pray for others.

If you look through the Prayer Intentions Forum, you will see that some people feel more comfortable with praying for others in formal prayers, the Lord’s Prayer composed by Jesus, and the Hail Mary composed by the Archangel Gabriel and the Church, but others pray informally informally as you suggest.

Sometimes people ask for a specific form of prayer in prayer request in the Forum, but most leave it to the other members to pray as they choose. It may be a custom in the area where you live, or a specific age group to specifically ask for formal prayers?

May God grant your prayers and intentions.

Merciful God please grant the prayers in the heart and mind of WallStreetGuy.
Please deepen his own prayer life as he prays for others and himself, and lives faithfully according to Your commandments and the beatitudes, in a deeply sacramental life.

**“Why do we tell people to pray an “our father”, or a “hail mary”, for our intentions?”

Sure you can talk to God straight up pretty much like Davids psalms do.

Other folks prefer formal prayers that assist in the concentration. The OF is a very formal prayer that comes right from Jesus during his sermon on the mount. The HM can also be found in the Gospel. Those official prayers have a certain merit that’s sanctioned by the Church.

Welcome back and keep up with those Rosaries. :thumbsup: you’re tracking!

Lord, the Our Father and Hail Mary is so pleasing to you and so loaded with grace-giving words that I will always pray them for people when they ask me to … and even when they don’t ask me to. What other prayer than the Our Father comes straight from your Son’s own mouth and what other words please Our Lady more than: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus!? Surely you and Mary would love to hear and answer a petition that is given in conjuction with these two prayers when they are prayed devoutly with love … and surely you will be most honored by our having taken the time to pray these two loving prayers slowly and carefully for the wellbeing of ourselves/others. Surely these two prayers draw down innumerable graces upon the person(s) praying them and upon the person(s) being prayed for by virtue of their preeminance over all other prayers ever composed. With every loving prayer we pray to you, you are very pleased … with every loving Our Father and Hail Mary we pray to you, for ourselves and for others, you must be greatly pleased and greatly honored; for by us praying these prayers well and carefully, we recall to you in a way most pleasing to you the words found in the Holy Scriptures, words that mean a great deal to your Son and to His and to Our Mother Mary. Thank you, Lord for hearing my prayer.

Angels and Saints, especially St Rose Philippine Duchesne, The Woman Who Prays Always, please join us in praying for WallStreetGuy.

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