Formalized prayers for discernment



I'm wondering a few things.

1) Are there any formalized prayers for discernment (especially dealing with my specific situation below))? That type of set prayer is easier for me than just trying to come up with something...

2) Are there any Saints that it would be good to pray to for my specific situation (below) - or any good Bible passages to read.

I have for a while been "lost" in terms of vacation. I had always wanted to be a biological, not a spiritual, father, and wanted a family, at first for reasons more related to family & bloodline, but those really aren't primary for me anymore. Yet people from highschool teachers to seminarians have asked if I would be a priest. I've been scared of this, but thinking of it and just saying to GOD, "You know, GOD, I really don't want to do this". Anyhow, I still am attracted to the opposite sex, and have a girl that I am contemplating confessing love to. (to make things more complicated, she might like someone else). I am in a frustrating position and am looking for some advice...

Thanks in advance!


J. S. Sebastiano P.


I just heard a young priest mentioning something along these lines. He had “everything” (as far as the world goes). Girl friend, band member, graduated from college, etc. Yet, he couldn’t find peace and couldn’t give his whole heart to any of it. Finally, he just prayed to God, asking him to help him. He said God answered and said that he was to be a priest. He said he’s never been happier now!


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