Formally Asking Mary to Become Your Mother

I was reading this thread and it has me asking for your help.

I am looking for a prayer that is theologically sound and…not just a consecration to Her, an whole offering of self, but to be her spiritual daughter.

Like many, I am motherless. I read that St. Teresa of Avila asked Mary to be her Mother when Teresa’s biological mother went to her Eternal Rest.

I would like to say something more than an ejaculation, and something less than what was offered in the thread linked above (although I already follow a private devotion based on the recommended links below):

[size=1]both are excellent :slight_smile:
De Montfort:
Maximillian Kolbe:
God bless.[/size]

I have meditated about Mary and John at the foot of the Cross, and see that she is the Mother of all mankind. But how can I make this personal? How did/you you do it?

Or, as She leads us to Her Son, I will do well to remember the wedding at Cana where She said “Do whatever He tells you.” So I try. But I also would like a personal intimacy with Mary.

Perhaps I am looking toward feeling instead of reason?

I would say just ask her. She hears prayers that are written as well as those we speak from the heart. If you want Mary to be your mother permanantly, just say to her, “Mary, let me be your child completely and wholly. Be my mother and take me as your child.” It doesn’t have to be long. The most important thing is the intention. It doesn’t need to be fancy to achieve it’s affect. :thumbsup:

Have you considered St. Louis de Montfort’s Total Consecration to Mary?

Joyful and Numinous both gave you excellent advice. :slight_smile:

My own tendancy, is like Joyful’s. To just go to Our Lady… and tell Her that you accept Her as your Mother and that you love Her. I think this simple approach would really please Her.

But, I can assure you, that without asking… She already IS your (our) Mother. I am a Cradle Catholic… who fell away for about 10 years. And it was through an unsolicited “experience” with Our Lady of Mount Carmel… that I have returned to the Church. She reached out to me… in a very profound way; even though, I had previously no strong devotion to Her… nor had I been praying to Her, for anything! It was like She came in search of Her wayward child… :blush: and insisted, that it was time to come “Home”. I owe my return to the Church, to Our Lady. :heart:

Her love for us… Her children… is second only to God’s love for us. She wants us in Heaven one day! God bless. And thank you for the beautiful holy card images! They made my day!

Good advice. Since I moved far away from home with my wife and kids and mother isn’t around to comfort me, or me to comfort her, I told the Blessed Mother Mary that I wanted her to be my mother and comfort me and listen to me. Real simple, nothing elaborate. In reality, she is our mother anyway :slight_smile:


Mary, be my Mother!

O Jesus, thank You for giving us Your Mother Mary, making her our Mother in the order of grace. Thank you for all the graces which You have won for us by Your death on the Cross and which You give to us through the Blessed Virgin Mary. We beg of You to give us the graces we need to honor our Mother, just as You, in obedience to the Fourth Commandment, honored Your Mother, the same Blessed Virgin Mary.


Thanks for all the replies!

This has been my experience as well. Mary made herself known to me in a very special way without me calling to her in an explicit manner although perhaps in my heart of hearts I was asking for help within my soul. I can’t say for certain my experience was Marian via Our Lady of Mount Carmel, but I was wearing my brown scapular. It is a great devotional and is a constant reminder to me of Mary’s gentle heart towards her children.

I never had any devotion to Mary and even thought it was wrong to pray to her, but she made herself known to me… I did not expect this at all… and I believe that she has been praying for me all my life. She is definitely such a loving gentle Mother to us. :slight_smile: I think that’s a great idea to ask her to be your Mother. I don’t know if there’s a special ‘formula’ or prayer for that… I’m planning to wear the brown scapular and consecrate myself to Mary. But as for her being your Mother, I think that you can just ask her in your own words :slight_smile: maybe pray this before the Blessed Sacrament or before an image of her, and really mean every word, just be really sincere and pray from your heart…

God bless you.

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