Formation of Church in 3 parts


First Part : The Gospel of Matthew. JESUS ask the apostles “who do you say that I AM”? And Simone answers YOU are the CHRIST the SON of the GOD (paraphrase). to which JESUS responds, blood and flesh did not reveal this to you, but MY FATHER . . . . So GOD THE FATHER, the First Person of the Trinity “chose” Simone and gave him the answer to JESUS question. GOD THE FATHER also chose, Abraham and Moses.

Part Two: The Gospel of Matthew: JESUS continues, . . . and for MY part I declare that you are rock and upon this rock I will build MY Church . . . and I give you the keys to the kingdom and whatever you lose on earth willl be losed in heaven, and whatever you hold bound on earth will be held bound in heaven. JESUS THE SECOND PERSON OF THE TRINITY blesses simone and changes his name to Peter, and appoints him to be the head of HIS church.

Part Three: The book of Acts Peter and the apostles “vote” on selecting a replacement for Judas and Matthais is chosen. In the second chapter the HOLY SPIRIT, THE THIRD PERSON OF THE TRINITY rushes upon the apostles - including Matthais - and the Church is born. But with Matthais sharing in the HOLY SPIRIT equally as the other apostels, this reflects GOD’s first proof of “holding bound in heaven, whatever Peter bounds on earth”.


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