Formation Resources For Parish Bulletin?

Hello all,

I’m looking for resources that could provide catechetical and faith formation articles that could be copied and used in a church bulletin (…at no charge).

Explanations of Church teachings, meaning of parts of Mass, Apologetics, Info for feast days, etc.

I’ve come across a lot of good material, but it’s not copyable… Figured the Apologetics crowd could point me in the right direction!


There are several highly-respected contributors on this Forum that also maintain excellent blogs with articles that may be suitable (though perhaps too lengthy) for your bulletin. Off the top of my head (at the risk of excluding other worthy contributors) I can think of Phil Vatz and Church Militant. Look them up here - their signatures point to their blogs. They may agree to allow you to freely republish their material (with attribution, of course, which you should insist upon even if they don’t).

The length of the blog posts might be a problem. You may find it necessary to edit them for space constraints, and this might not be acceptable (I wouldn’t want someone to edit my work). However, if you ask nice, some nice blogger might agree to provide a shorter version of some posts. I don’t mind cutting my own content, but I would not want someone else to do so.

Thanks David!:blush:

I would certainly have no issues at all with someone reprinting any of the articles from my blog for such a use. I don’t even care about getting a byline or credit for it, so :shrug:

*]Here are some links to some of the articles that you may find relevant and helpful.
*]The Eucharist IS Scriptural
*]Does the Bible teach that everything that we believe and practice has to be found in its pages?
*]Biblical and Jewish Traditional Beliefs About Purgatory
*]“I Find No Sacraments In the Bible” he said.
*]The Case For Infant Baptism
*]Baptism~ Necessary or Not?
*]What Was Authentic Early Christian Worship Really Like?
*]Catholic Confession
*]Iconoclasm: Or: Catholics Worship Graven Images NOT
*]The Rapture?
*]Priestly celibacy is unBiblical. NOT!
*]The Intercession & Communion of Saints
*]The Deuterocanonical Books of the Catholic Bible
*]The Origins of Halloween
There’s a bunch more, so feel free to look around and take whatever will be of use.

ahs also has a good blog that might be useful, and I second David’s suggestion for PhilVaz.

Thanks to David for the suggestions.

And thanks to CM for your offer. I’ve visited your blog in the past - great work. I will definetely give you credit should I (when I) use your material.

Thanks again guys. Always enjoy your posts.

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