Formed in womb vs deformities


Hi everybody,
I looked on this forum for a thread similar before posting and could not find one. I was just wondering how to respond to God forming us in the womb and babies born with deformities. I know we are all wonderfully made and in His image but as juvenile as this question sounds I’ll be embarrassingly honest and ask “Does this mean when God formed babies in the womb He formed some with deformities?”
If not, He knows every soull formed so does it mean then that He didn’t actually form us with His hands as scripture states?
I (for some reason) feel like this is a childs question but I admit it just occurred to me today. Those are the only 2 questions I’m wondering about.
Thanks to anyone who can shed some light.
Thank you


As someone with a severe genetic deformity, I’ll take a stab at this.

Deformity, disease, all come as a result of original sin. Because these are a result of man’s free will, we have genetic and environmental reasons for defects of all sorts. God so respects the free will of our first parents that He did not step in and tinker with our DNA.

God permits each of us to be born with a body that is short of perfection. For some it is hidden, a genetic time bomb that will be cancer or heart disease, others of us wear our imperfection for all the world to see. How we carry that cross is what is important, also, how we give respect and dignity to every person regardless of their imperfections.


Thank you Little Lady, I appreciate your response very much. I just wondered if that means He didn’t actually form us in the womb then? Because if I took the scripture literally (i did) I always thought every child to be born was formed each by His hands.


“Formed you in the womb” is poetry. Some translations speak of “knitting together” in the womb and we know God does not use actual knitting needles :slight_smile:

God designed human reproduction from the beginning, He allows nature to take it’s course with our physical body. God does create, form, our souls and ensouls our body. So, yes, he forms us. Our soul is part of us.


Thank you. I actually thought He formed our physical bodies as well as our souls. But I’m wrong then.


God determined and set into motion in nature the way a human body is formed.

Everything that happens in the world happens because God so permits it to happen. He establishes the laws of nature.


Thank you again. I understand that point. I just thought God literally formed every physical being in the womb.


Very well said.


She is absolutely right and I agree. I don’t know why I thought God formed everyone personally in the womb.Maybe it was the scripture embedded in me. It was comforting, even knowing he may have formed some with deformities because He is God after all and has His purpose.


made in His image doesn’t mean physically His image either.


I understand. I thought He formed each of us physically in the womb.


with our conception we are gifted a soul. God gives us our soul.


Because of original sin, everyone is born with an imperfect body that will eventually fail. That is why we physically die. God designed us a certain way, but original sin takes its toll. Some people are born with more obvious or serious physical ailments than most, but everyone’s body is frail in many ways. Someday, we will all be reunited with our true glorified bodies.


Hi MarthaSo,

I highly recommend the book “Chiara Corbella Petrillo” - “A Witness to Joy”, by Simone Troisi and Cristiana Paccini.

This woman died at the age of 28 of cancer. She learned that the first child she carried had abnormalities. When the baby girl was born it died within the hour. Her second child had different problems and also died shortly after birth. During her third pregnancy cancer was discovered in Chiara. She decided to refuse treatment in order to not risk the life of her unborn son.

I understand that now there is a process beginning for her canonization. It is a beautiful and inspiring book!

Love is the greatest power in the world!


Thanks to all who responded. (I ordered the book on Amazon by the way thank you) I wonder if there’s anyone on this forum that believes God formed us physically in the womb as (i thought) scripture says.

Even if He doesn’t form our bodies (only our souls) He still knows us in the womb?
Thank you.


God knows us each, after all, he formed our souls.


Just because a person with deformities looks unusual to us, doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful to God.


This I know for certain. I was just wondering if God formed all babies physically in the womb.


I tend to believe that God formed us physically and soul at the conception, including defects.
If there some deformities who appears during the intra uterine life that have something to do with environmental issues, it is not God’s fault.


Thank you for your input. I think many people also believe this as well. It’s interesting I wonder if the Catechism says anything about it.

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