Former Anglican Clergyman Celebrates His First Christmas as a Catholic Priest


Cool…praying for many more such events.

Oh, nice! :):thumbsup::bounce::yup::clapping:

“I could live without being Roman Catholic,” he said, “but could I die without being Roman Catholic?”

I found that phrase very touching and humbling.

Welcome home to Father and his family…

Beautiful. Pray for more priests.

We’ve got one (a former Anglican priest) at my parish in Brooklyn, New York.

He was introduced to the parishioners at Midnight Mass on Christmas morning. The pastor was having a bit of fun with it, and warned us not to be shocked when we saw him in the neighborhood with his wife and two kids.

Later, I wondered where he lived. Does he live in the rectory with his family? I doubt it. I’m guessing his wife is the primary breadwinner (just a guess) and they have their own residence in the neighborhood.

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