Former Canadian PM Paul Martin Calls for Abortion in Maternal Health Plan

So here’s our former Prime Minister, who swears up and down that he’s a good Catholic boy, stumping for the abortion lobby again. What gives with this guy? At least Jean Chretien had the intestinal fortitude to admit he was on the outs with the Catholic Church. But Martin has always made a pretence of his deep faith, even while doing everything in his power to defy the Canadian Bishops.

Of course Martin calls for abortion to be covered, he’s a Liberal. I don’t think anyone in Canada should be shocked by this.

He was a pretty good finance minister though, and actually agreed with Harper on the no bank tax thing. With this he not right of course.

There are a couple of good, pro-life Liberals, but they’re in the minority for sure. I was holding out hope for Gerard Kennedy for a long time because of an article in the Catholic Register about him. He talked about how reading the encyclical Rerum Novarum by Pope Leo XIII as a teenager was a turning point in his life. But he’s been conspicuous by his silence on life issues, so I suspect he’s one of those “personally opposed, but won’t interfere with a woman’s right to safe abortion” types.

Martin is particularly infuriating because he keeps INSISTING that he’s a good Catholic, against the admonitions of several bishops. He reminds me a bit of those women who get themselves ordained, and then say they don’t accept the fact that they’re excommunicated.
Martin isn’t excommunicated, mind you, but Bishop Henry told him not to approach for communion, so he’s been told.

martin has no deep political reason to support abortion anymore. It speaks volumes about the shallowness of Catholic faith that he would support abortion over teaching at this point of his career.

I always assumed that his support of abortion was more about political opportunism rather than any real belief in the cause of the culture of death.
I guess I was wrong.

Oh, how powerful and important and wise we sometimes think we are.

Dear God, may your mercy be as great as your justice, with arrogant fools such as us. The children of Fatima saw the vision of many, many souls in hell. Please teach him and all of us, before it is too late.

Martin is an internationalist to the core. I watched a speech he gave to the Empire Club in Toronto about how the age of nation states is over and we’re all going to have to give up some of our sovereignty to make the new international community work. It was pretty scary stuff coming from a former PM. Unfortunately part of the international agenda is imposing western ideas about sexuality and reproduction on less developed nations.

Martin was a very unpopular PM. His opinion probably doesn’t mean as much

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