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Are there any former Catholics here that can say you did worship Mary when you were Catholic? If not what do you say to those who believe you did?


I’ve never been anything other than Lutheran, so perhaps my answer doesn’t fit here. But I think it’s important to portray others correctly…

If a former Roman Catholic ever thought that they were worshiping the Blessed Virgin, then they were not well-catechized. Asking someone to pray for us, whether they are alive on earth or living in heaven, is not the same as worshiping them. Besides, asking the saints triumphant for their intercession has precedent from the earliest days of Christianity.

I personally do not pray to the saints (I simply take solace in the fact that they are continually praying for us).

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If someone were to say to me that it seems Catholics worship Mary, I would explain that she is our Mother in the order of grace, and that we believe that the Lord made her special for our benefit. She had to be a woman of great faith, and was not spared seeing Jesus suffer intensely for all mankind.

I once heard a priest describe Mary as a very clean pane of glass (no smudges) that the Pure Light of the Blessed Trinity can shine through! That deserves our veneration, and I have much confidence in our Blessed Mother’s intercession, being a beneficiary of it many times in my life.

Mary truly magnifies the Lord, as she proclaims in the Magnificat!

In her great virtue of humility she is aware that all the good she has comes from the Lord.

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I agree with everything you say Don which IS the reason I ask my question.

I ran into a former Catholic the other day and, as usual, the subject of “Catholics worship Mary” came up. So I asked him, “You mean to tell me when you were Catholic you worshiped Mary?” And with a puzzled look he said “well of coarse not”. :hmmm:

After much discussion he began to realize how ridiculous that assertion can be from someone not knowing the heart of the worshiper and apologized for his comment.


Catholics do not worship Mary, however I can see why some people would think that. There are major apparitions in the Americas, especially Latin America, and Western Europe that may seem that way.

I find it weird that there’s this “Catholics worship Mary” mentality. The East has, in my opinion, a stronger devotion to Mary (she’s *very *present in liturgical texts, much more than Latin texts) and yet a Copt once asked me if Latins worship Mary. :shrug:

As a former Roman Catholic myself,looking back on " the Rosary " ect ,I would sympathise and suggest that it is an honest expression ( from Catholics ) to honour the mother of Jesus.
But is this veneration in her memory justified by what the holy Scriptures reveal of her (incredibly important) role?
The last " catholic doctrines " that I let go of ,next to the role of the priesthood in mediation and that , on my behalf ,was my misunderstanding of the role this beautiful Christian example ( Mary) played in Gods plan of salvation. (Ie. sinless and ever virgin)
This is now in relation to what I believe to be testified by the New Testament.
Looking back now,it is not so much a question of was I " worshiping Mary" but was I honouring that Mary revealed in the word of God ,as I would now claim.
According to Paul’s instruction for the married wife is that she is to be in submission to “her own husband” and ( 1Cor11:3 ) " the head of the woman is the man".

This I believe,is the order In Scripture, my former beliefs seems to me to make Mary the head of the man( Joseph).If not why does not Joseph receive the credit ( for example) for Mary being ever virgin because as head of the house : the final decision would have been his?In any case would not Mary who was so faithful to" the " Word of God"( or Jesus her Son) be faithful in the decision of Joseph if it was that of the marriage bed ; which according to Paul ,“is undefiled”?

As a boy in Sunday school, and vbs, I remember that in the parking lot of the church I attended there is a statue of Mary. We as a class during certain times we would go in front of the statue and pray. I also remember that in church there are statues of Mary on the left, and Joseph on the right. In front of these there are kneelers with many candles, and the stand has a slot to drop money into. I learned that the money was an offering for the souls in “Purgatory”.

I always felt that we were praying to Mary. I don’t know how to reconcile it as anything else especially when you are kneeling in front of a statue of her.

I always was curious as to the rosary having 90% of the prayers being said to honor Mary. If the intention is to ask for intercession, is not one time sufficient?

It is not my intention to start a ruckus here, I am only trying to participate. Sometimes threads like this can turn, in an unwanted direction.


As a Catholic I don’t look at the “percentage” of prayers said to Mary. When I pray the Rosary I see it as Mary holding my hand as I meditate on the mysteries of her Son. No one knew Jesus better than Mary, and with her at my side I appreciate what the mysteries of the Rosary mean.

I understand all the why’s and what-for’s as to the reasons. I was just wondering if you did in fact worship Mary as Catholic and if not what do you say to those that say you did. I would like to hear your answer.



I also do not ask for intercession very often, and I’ve just never been a big “Mary guy”. Absolutely no disrespect intended; that just hasn’t been my thing…

I’m pretty sure you probably were praying to her but my question was, were you worshiping her?


Could you please quantify “Worship” by what you mean of this word. ? Thanks. As a lot of people it means different, especially to a non Catholic.

I hand them a pamphlet that addresses these and other common misconceptions. You can do that, send them a link or cut and paste. If they are receptive to it, great, if not, nothing you can do will change their mind.

It is all the same to me.

No one worships Mary. No one. We do honor her, we ask that SHE prays on our behalf. We do not worship Saints, we honor and respect them, as we honor and respect Mary. We ask the Saints, who are already in heaven and have a special connection with the Lord and with God to pray for us. Mary gave birth to our savior and yours. For this she deserves our veneration. We often ask Mary to pray for us. Mary is the mother of our church.

Does this clear things up?

The only qualifier I would add is “true” worship. I think anything else would be asking for worship in only the sense I would understand and this seems to be much of the problem I have encountered in defining worship. I would hope adult individuals would know weather or not they have or have not worshipped Mary. If not how do they know they do in fact worship God?

I would also think that if someone could think they do know what others are worshiping, then surly there would be no need to justify “worship”.


Ok so if someone asked you “did you worship Mary” your response would be “yes”, correct?


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