Former Catholics...

Why did you leave the Church? I am curious because I often hear of people that have a bad experience occur in the Church OR in their personal lives then they either get much closer to the Church or they turn away.

What is your story?

Also, what age were you when you left?

When I was a young man, the catholic church was not very social and the nuns were strict and the priests not very responsive to the people. I remember no social events at all. And although I attended cathecism, I knew nothing of the mass. So I left in my alienation.

Now the catholic church is different. The parishioners seem more connected if they wish to be. There are events to attend and a community spirit. Much different from the good ol’ days of just attending mass and a trip home. I was 18 years old. But now in my 50’s I have reconnected with my old faith but I would still defend the lds church from biased catholics on this board.

I left when I was in my early twenties because I did not believe some of the teachings and practices of the church.

I came here a couple of years ago to take another look and still find I do not believe a number of the teachings and practices. But it was good to re examine the faith of my youth and settle these things in my hear, mind and soul.

I completely understand how you feel about the old days. It was go to mass, do your chores. Memorize some prayers, commandments, sacraments. Basically obedience.

When I came “back” I ran into some of these “biased” catholics. After some time passed and I really started reading and trying to understand things in the Church I began to realize… these people were telling the Truth of the Church. They wanted people like me to have correct knowlege.

Now I accept the teachings with obedience and humility as Jesus taught. So now I am called conservative.

I still have some trouble. Now when you question you have many resources to help. The priests and nuns most often can help, internet catholic resources, spiritual guides-people specialize in this. It’s much better now.

because it was boring and it didnt make any sense.

At what age?

I often tell myself, “there must be a reason for this” then I keep looking. Have you tried to discuss these things with anyone with good knowledge? TRY AGAIN!

What an astoundingly profound observation.

Oddly enough, this is almost exactly the answer my 6th-graders gave me today when I asked them why they didn’t like the novel I had them read over the summer.

Consider putting some thought into your responses instead of merely being condescending and rude.


I left in my late teens, when I realized that I did not have faith. I can’t offer a specific age, since the process took a good long while. I suppose you could say I had a ‘dark night of the soul’ and the sun never rose, but I find that rather too pessimistic an outlook. Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt, but I guess it’s easier to recover from losing what you only thought you had than from losing what you did have.

I left the Catholic Church at the age of 38. There were simply too many Catholic teachings that were not consistent with scripture. I could not continue to be part of the Catholic Church when I did not believe all that it teaches.

because it was boring and it didnt make any sense.

How ironic that you’d mention that, AgnosTheist! I was just thinking that very thing as the reason why I’m no longer a Protestant. I mean that in all seriousness! :slight_smile:

Okay, I’m a doorknob. . . :whacky:

hmmm 17 or 18.

for more details go here:

Basically, you are instructing me to do exactly what I already did. I came here, discussed Catholicism with Catholics for two years. Listened to EWTN, etc. Do you consider CAF, and EWTN to be good sources of Catholic information?

I have a religion, so I don’t think I will continue to spend a great deal of time pursuing someone else’s. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction, I have been provided with excellent resources by kind people here.

Contrary to what many Catholics believe, some people DO know what Catholicism really teaches, and still do not believe it.

Pardon my ignorance but does Agnos and Theist mean you are pondering the universe and God?

So you believe God IS.?

it means that i believe that there is a divine supreme being out there, BUT we know nothing about it and there is no way to know anything about it. Thus I have faith, but no religion. I am fairly certain that all (at least the major ones) religion are pure cultural products. man made. nothing divine.

I think as teenagers we have so much going on. We are still maturing, even as young adults we have so much growing to do. It’s funny how you come to a point in your life, life changes, and suddenly you have a different outlook.

Sometimes you have to overcome things of the past before you can open yourself up to Truth. And faith, I can’t say always comes easy. Some day are a struggle. Those are days I question and look for answers. Some days I read so much my head hurts.

You believe there is a Divine Supreme Being.

So your faith is simply that there is a being and it is divine and supreme.?

Do you believe anything taught from any History books?

What are some of these things? I may not be able to argue them but would like to consider these things.

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