Former CIA official accused of misleading lawmakers on Benghazi

The plot thickens!

Cospiracy trials are considered slam dunks based on less evidence than we have from the Benghazi coverup.

We were told Obama would “fundamentally change America”. I’d say that was 100% true - we went from having any semblance of truth being told to what we are not enjoying!
Its not entertaining to turn over the rug and see what has been swept under it!

I never knew a military officer who refused to take responsibility for what happens in his command. Of couse, Obama had zero experience at being a leader.

It’s been awhile that I’ve read up on Benghazi (and I didn’t read the whole article it was too confusing by far), but I do recollect that the night of the raid/terrorist attack, Obama did know that the American embassy in Libya was in danger, and that nothing was done, even though there were army bases near by that could have rescued the Americans being attacked from within the embassy. What really strikes me as callous on the part of the president, is that Obama rather than meeting with his staffers over this atrocious terrorist attack the following morning was rather raising funds for his second presidential campaign in Las Vegas??

this president skipped his daily intelligence briefing in favor of attending a Las Vegas campaign stop. His campaign sees no issue with that timeline whatsoever.

Political fund raising is Obama’s guiding light!

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