Former Florida House Candidate On Kavanaugh Accusation: ‘What Boy Hasn’t Done This?




I absolutely agree with this. I think that most high school boys at some point try something physical with a girl and it goes a little too far.

I think that if Truth Serum was given to and imbibed by every male Senator and Congressman, every single one of them, with the exception of those who are homosexual, would admit to inappropriate sexual advances to a girl back in their teenage years.

I think almost every woman can probably recall a time in her teen years when she was alarmed by a physical advance by her date. Most of us shrugged and learned a lesson to be more careful around boys who are much stronger physically than we are, and we didn’t hold it against the boy for 40 years (some of us even work with boys who tried stuff like that in high school) and we didn’t suffer any long-lasting psychological trauma.

I think this whole thing is a vile plot concocted by powerful Democrats to discredit a well-qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, and I think it’s sickening. At this point, NO ONE that Pres. Trump nominates will receive the approval of the Democrats, and they will continue to discover scandals against all of his associates. It’s sickening and frightening and I am glad that Pres. Trump so far has managed to stand up against them. I will never believe that any Democrat is truly against “bullying” because they all do it with impunity.

I’m just glad that I still have the Constitutional right to make statements like this. I fear that the time is approaching when I will be arrested for having a controversial opinion. I know that many other “deplorables” here in the fly-over area agree with me about what is happening with the Supreme Court nominee.

I pray for him and his family–how can they ever survive this? Those poor precious children of his–the Democrats should be flogged for dragging Kavanaugh down into the slime where they themselves wallow.

One more thing–if it does turn out that Kavanaugh did this to Ms. Ford, then EVERY parent of EVERY teenage boy should lock their sons in a cell in their basement and NEVER let them out until they are of age. And every man will be vulnerable and could lose everything and maybe even go to jail because he groped a girl back when he was teen.

I think women are acting weaker than ever. So sad. I thought the Women’s Movement was supposed to make us stronger. We’re not stronger–we’re just more vindictive.


Well said!:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


I’ve never done anything like this.


Push someone into a room, push them into bed, cover their mouths to muffle protest, …
Is this the kind of "something physical? that you mean to excuse?
Or are you just trying to down play the actual allegations against kavanaugh?
Or what?

Do you not extend rights to others?

Worst outcome? Remains in his current position. How could he bear it?
Unless Ford presses charges and he is found guilty.

I think women are fed up excuses for evil behavior and want to put an end to this:

If you think that the problem here are the accusations, then please again look here:


I haven’t either.


I don’t understand this line of defense. I think it’s a justifiable to question the veracity of Ford’s claim, but to try to minimize the alleged conduct, particularly in this forum, boggles my mind.


I don’t either. I’ve made a few passes that were rejected but they only lead to awkward moments and embarrassing memories.

But I really don’t care how others might try to defend this alleged behavior. The defense in this case is flat out denial by Judge Kavanaugh. Everything else is an attempt to stir up emotions and cause divisions.


To put one’s hand over one’s mouth is very, very serious.

To be fair, I wouldn’t want to tarnish anyone’s reputation in this sordid affair but one might have experienced something like this and then, pen it on Kavanaugh.

There is hysteria on both sides with some issues, I don’t want to say too much on this but we do know, a number of people have said, this is about abortion. She clearly falls into that category of it being one of her interests.


My intent when posting this was not about the claim being true or false. But the defense of this kind of behavior. That it is now somehow normal. Not in my world.


Me neither.

I went to an all-boys high school.

Minimum opportunities for fraternization.

Only ONE student had his own car.

I didn’t even drive until after college graduation.



What is it that you don’t get abut juvie misdemeanors not following you for your whole life?

Why does our use of Statute of Limitations on crimes baffle you?

There is no pattern of behavior behind this accusation.


If anything, trying to defend the behavior one is accused of, may end up helping the very people who would like to see the accused gone.


I was a pretty rambunctious teenager but this behavior was not part and parcel of my experience.


My husband tells me one kiss on the lips and slow dancing is as far as he went.
One boy went further than I wanted and I fought him off.
The defense that all boys do that deeply disturbs me. The kind of behavior described is not an unwanted hand somewhere.
The accusation may be false. The facts need to come out but all boys do not hold girls down with ia hand over her mouth. Sorry but they don’t


No doubt many boys have tried to go beyond first base.

But a decent boy knows how to take “no” for an answer or can sense his date’s discomfort, and backs off. And I think most boys, at least in my era (I’m 60), were decent boys. At least the ones I hung out with.

The acts alleged in this case are far from decent. The question is not whether they were appropriate or not. The question is whether they happened or are a fabulation.

And I don’t think it will be easy to prove their veracity so many years later.


Teenage boys will try to feelup a girl while making out and will go as far as she lets him. When she says no, they’ll stop. Might try once more, before stopping all together.

However, the allegation by Ford, is forced attempted rape.

Did it happen ? I lean on doubt because of the timing and also because the FBI investigated Kavanaugh intensely back when he was first made a judge.

In all, his reputation is ruined if they don’t find concrete evidence that Ford fabricated the story, or mistook Kavanaugh for someone else.



I agree. I am fascinating by all the rest that has been trotted - especially the idea in the OP or the “other man” theory - and wonder what to make of it.


Allegedly, Kavanaugh also did because he didn’t rape her.


As others have pointed out, this isn’t a trial, it’s a confirmation hearing.

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