Former Gay Activist Marries Woman; Addresses Critics Who Condemn His New Heterosexual Lifestyle

An ex-prominent gay activist and former editor of a San Francisco-based, youth-focused homosexual magazine penned an open letter about his recent heterosexual marriage addressed to “angry homosexuals” who have criticized him for leaving his past and finding God.

“We are not a couple of people who are interested, per se, in being political pawns. I have never called myself an ‘ex-gay,’ though other people have called me that. But, then again, people have called me a lot of things, on account of the fact that I left homosexuality a few years back and decided that I felt more comfortable living heterosexually. This came about as direction from God and has been the best choice God ever made in my life,” writes Glatze.

Praise God that he left the destructive lifestyle he was in and dedicated his life to God.

It is abusive and wrong what this man is doing to his wife. I pray for her.

What is he doing to her?

Why? There are many men who struggle with SSA and have happy marriages. They are choosing to live chastely inside a valid marriage.

Did I miss that? I didn’t see where it said they are living chastely.

He’s gay. Gay people are called to a life of chastity. It is wrong, misguided , and selfish for this man to do this.

People with a deep-seated homosexual inclination should not be getting married.

I say this as a Catholic and as a mental health practitioner.

This “ex-gay” agenda is part of the evangelical infection of Christianity.

For a gay to become heterosexual, he is probably lying or was never really gay;)

Do you know what “struggles with same sex attraction” means? It means their gay.

How does everyone know he’s not just bi?

There is a man who often posts on these forums who has SSA and seems to speak quite highly of his wife and also seems to be a very devout Catholic. Granted I don’t know him personally but I think if he can control his SSA through prayer or whatever it may be why can’t a man with that struggle marry a woman?

Many people who struggle with SSA prefer not to be labeled as gay. If they do not act on their struggles why should we sit there and judge them and say they cannot marry a woman? If the woman consents and knows of the past history and he is not giving in to his temptations then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. I’m sure lots of married men have a temptation to have sex with a really attractive co worker but they don’t because they love their wives and choose to live chastely.

Also, it’s they’re* not their

I know, in my practice, of more than a few men who were married for years- decades- and had children while being attracted to other men and the result is universally bad.

This kind of personal experimentation wreaks havoc on the family and is so very selfish.

He probably wasn’t ever really gay in the first place Confusion can do that to people. :shrug:

I say, good for him. And her.

But aren’t we making an assumption here that he’s not also attracted to women? I never saw that mentioned in the article.

I may not prefer to be called a white male but that mean I am not one.

If a man desires sexual contact with another man into their adult years then they are gay. It’s not a “lifestyle” it’s an orientation.

Prove it. :shrug:

Pope Francis says we shouldn’t judge people. Of course we can judge actions and homosexual acts are always wrong but if a man is strong enough to turn away from that lifestyle and turn towards God and finds a woman who is willing to accept that then why can he not marry her?

I am a licensed mental health provider and people aren’t “confused” about who they find sexually attractive. They just are.

I presume you are heterosexual. Are you ever “confused” and find yourself looking at other men in a sexual way?

Indeed, his actions have become morally just. How DARE he start living like a Christian, amirite? :thumbsup:

No offense, but science isn’t foolproof, and all your license means objectively is that you were a good student. Further, that science is still being debated.

I presume you are heterosexual. Are you ever “confused” and find yourself looking at other men in a sexual way?

Not that it is at all any of your business, but yes, I am heterosexual, and no I don’t look at men that way. That doesn’t mean other people aren’t confused.

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