Former Governor Tom Ridge: ‘I Won’t Be Voting For Donald Trump’

I’m not too shocked that former Bush BFFs are die-hard #NeverTrump campaigners.

From the linked article and the further embedded link, it seems Ridge doesn’t like Trump’s tone. No specifics on policy concerns were provided.

Although I’m not exactly sure how newsworthy this is only because I suspect he won’t be the only Republican not voting for Donald Trump, thanks for sharing the story.

All it means is he is supporting the unannounced socialist, Hillary.


Because it’s Pennsylvania. And Trump is putting Pennsylvania in play. And Tom Ridge is the former Republican governor of Pennsylvania.

It carries some weight.

Well, the article said he’s not supporting Hillary either. :shrug:

If he doe not vote for the only candidate that can beat Hillary, he is voting for Hillary. He’s smart enough to know that.
I don’t like Trump at all. I don’t believe he is a constitutional conservative. I believe, politically, he is closer to Hillary than Reagan.
I don’t like his rhetoric. It reminds me of a progressive.

But he is better than Hillary, if only marginally so. So, I will hold my nose and vote for him, and against Hillary.


so who will he be voting for then? certainly not Hillary or Bernie! so he will just throw his vote away?

That dissenting doesn’t seem like such a rational thing to do. 3-party votes and no-votes I can’t see how that doesn’t place Hillary in? I think its snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Trump is pro abortion, or at the very least pro planned parenthood. He is just as unsuitable as Hillary or Bernie. As a Catholic, my Christian faith will not allow me to vote for any of them. Just as in the last election, His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will be taking my vote this year as well. I will vote my faith. I will not vote for the lesser of two evils. Supporting sin is supporting sin, no matter how some try to justify it. Just my two cents.

I agree with you. I don’t believe his pro-life stance is at all sincere and I don’t trust him to make good decisions when it comes to life issues. I doubt very much that he will pick conservative justices.

I am an ostrich but I didn’t like the stuff DT said about Bush, either… and about the WMD back then…the intelligence was saying there was WMD…as a new President would you have a thought that said don’t trust your intelligence–what rational person would do that? At the time I was saying to myself–I don’t know everything. Then Condi Rice and his other advisor…Colin Powell… jumped on board and I thought I really don’t know everything, but they must know something… Personally, I still don’t know what happened but we got in a mess. I can’t condone the mess and we are still in it.
About the OP, if DT badmouthed my close friend, I would find it hard to support him too. I’d want my friend to know that, but this is the next four years we are talking about, maybe 8… the supreme court is too important along with so many other issues…

I see the fuzzy logic and bad math is in full bloom concerning third party voters.

Another pro-abortion politician rejects Donald Trump. I just took a step closer to embracing ‘The Donald’.

The reason for 3rd-party votes is to make it possible for them to win in future elections. There will be future elections, you know. And in each election, some people will always say “This is the most important election in history.” And after that, the next election is the “most important one in all of history”. But if one takes the long view, a 3rd party could start building strength now so that at some time in the future it could be a major party. But only if some people look beyond the next election.


That’s not true, even if you say not voting for Trump leaves the door open for Hillary. Then that means Trump and the republicans have undermined a lot of people, they are paying for it.

Similar to democrats in past elections.

A lot of people on both sides will stand on the sidelines this year. It’s just two evils no matter how you cut it.

Isn’t Trump at one point during his many changes on a particular topic state that he accepts abortion on instances like rape or incest. Tom Ridge holds the same position.

Why is it ok for trump but not Ridge?

Hillary is the de facto President Elect, and the GOP has done it to themselves, and just have to deal with it. 2020 is there next chance.

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