Former Irish President: Infant Baptism Violates Human Rights


Any thoughts on this?

Does Infant Baptism violate the child’s right to choose the faith?

How would I respond to this?


Disgust? Anger?

What. An. Idiot.

Those are my thoughts.


I guess medical care can also be a violation of that baby’s human rights? After all, they may choose to be a Jehovah’s Witness growing up, and they believe blood transfusions are immoral, so who are we to give blood to babies?


She owes an apology to the trees who make the oxygen she breathes.
They worked too hard photosynthesizing that air for her to make such stupid thoughts with it.


How would one respond to such a claim?


McAleese said that in previous centuries, Catholics “didn’t understand that they had the right to say No, the right to walk away.”<<

Maybe I’m missing something, but this gal doesn’t seem too well informed. Catholic parents have an obligation to have their babies baptized according to the rules in canon law.

They don’t have a “right” to say no at all.


We should hook all minors up to IVs at birth and keep them sedated until they reach the age of majority so we don’t coerce them into any of our beliefs or biases.


I agree what she is saying is ridiculous


I assume she feels the way about medical care. Maybe the kids will really miss their diseased tonsils. Feeding kids is another violation. How do we know that five-year-old doesn’t want to be Kosher? And clothing children is nothing more than forcing your own beliefs about modesty on children. Maybe they want to go naked? Don’t even get me started on the abuse of teaching children to speak English! You can’t unlearn that! Clearly, the only just way to raise a child is to keep them in a plastic bubble devoid of light and influence until they turn 18, then set them gently on the pavement and see what they do!


But didn’t you know? The Catholic Church hates freedom and human rights! That backwards institution purposefully keeps its members ignorant! It wasn’t until this glorious modern era that their falsehoods were laid bare to the light of modern scientific truths!


McAleese, Ireland’s president from 1997 to 2011, is a student at Rome’s Gregorian University, pursuing a doctorate in canon law. Her doctoral dissertation criticizes Catholic practices regarding infant baptism, The Irish Times reported.

Someone needs to toss this radical Church hating feminist out on her a**. She doesn’t belong in a Catholic University and with views like hers she doesn’t deserve any recognition of her views via a post graduate degree from this university.

Isn’t the mission of Catholic Universities to turn out faithful Catholic scholars who promote and build up the church.


I mean, her sentiment necessarily goes beyond infant baptism. Follow her sentiment to its conclusion and we wouldn’t be able to take our children to Church or crack open a Bible in front of them. Of course, she probably doesn’t think this applies to any secular ideologies even though the logic is no different.

Ultimately, some people won’t stop until all semblance of culture or community practices are removed from society. That’s part of what this is, bringing children into a faith, or a cultural heritage, or even community beliefs and ideologies.


I wonder if tomorrow she will vent on Judaism and its call to circumcision of infants at 8 days old. This wackalooon doesn’t understand (or doesn’t want to understand) that infant inclusion in the faith, be it Christian or Jewish, is a directive of God Himself. Then again, rad fems of this type see themselves as prayerful only in an advisory capacity. Toss her out on her ear. They did it to Charles Curran at Catholic U of America. If it is good enough for Charley, it’s good enough for this clown


[quote=“theCardinalbird, post:5, topic:495605, full:true”]
How would one respond to such a claim? [/quote]

The baptized child will have the choice to accept or reject that baptism when old enough to make their own choices.


Roll your eyes at the absurdity… I bet she wouldn’t dare criticise Islam because their the lefts new pet minority…

Pray for people like this…Hold back your anger take a deep breath and pray for them.


Exactly. If someone rejects the Church as an adult, I doubt they’re going to care what the Church says about their “membership status.”


Appreciate your sentiment. It is most definitely Christian at its best. However, I would ask, would you have given Jesus the same advice when he encountered the moneychangers? There is a time for righteous anger. People like this “rebel” get more and more energized when those who totally disagree say and do nothing.
You are familiar with the old saw, “all evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” Not saying the posters here on CAF have any influence in this situation, but there are times to be quiet, and times to riot.


Well I guess you could pull St Nicholas on them.


Sadly unaware of basic church teaching. It’s called CONFIRMATION. There is a reason why (1) the participant freely chooses to take part, and (2) the participant repeats the exact baptismal vows that their godparents committed to on their behalf. It is the third of the 3 sacraments of INITIATION. No one is ever forced. You can accept or reject what God gave you at baptism. Lord, please, open the eyes of the blind.


Indeed. Lets hope they accept their Baptism :smiley:

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