Former Islamic extremist: ‘The far Left is helping ISIS’


The far Left’s delusion that the likes of ISIS are not inspired by Islam is discrediting the moderate Muslims trying to reform their faith, former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz has told Yahoo7.

Maajid Nawaz, who was formally a member of radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, is now seeking to challenge the narrative of Islamic extremists and form a more moderate Islam.


A fairly constant theme in left-wing politics has been paralysis by internecine squabbling about who the ‘real enemy’ is (default is ‘one another’ or ‘the Americans’) while ignoring the growth of enemies who end up crushing them.

Conversations with people outside left-wing politics, of course, become exercises in ‘whataboutery’. :smiley:


As in ‘what about the Crusades’?
Or, ‘what about Westboro and the KKK’?
Or, ‘what about how bad secularism is’?

This comment by Maajid Nawaz has been a fairly consistent theme for moderate Muslims. A leftist, feminist lesbian Muslim, Irshad Manji wrote a book about that several years ago (The Trouble with Islam).

I don’t think that the left has abandoned her so much as has been the case for Hirsi Ali, but the symbiotic relationship that exists between the western left and the fascist Islamist movement has been fairly well documented by now.


‘Whataboutery’ is one of the great ways of shutting down conversation, never mind debate.

It’s one thing to point out hypocrisy in somebody’s position but it can be a kind of paralysis where can’t do something because somebody else once did something ‘bad’ (like the crusades from some perspectives) or because one is not doing something in other circumstances - ie one shouldn’t complain about Isis throwing gays off buildings because one is not protesting about something in Saudi or something that the Westboro guys are saying/doing.

We’ve had a wonderful case in the UK in the last few days where a Labour MP for a Birmingham constituency said on TV:

“very similar situation to what happened in Cologne could be described on Broad Street in Birmingham every week”.

She wasn’t talking about Muslim gangs at all, just ordinary young people going about their celebratory business on Friday/Saturday nights. Remember this is the UK, legal drinking starts at 18, city centres on Friday/Saturday nights are likely to be not somewhere you’d take your grannie for a quiet meal.

Young women in nightclubs in Birmingham city centre are likely to find themselves subject to the attentions of young males, some of those attentions will not be as welcome as some others and young women should be able to feel safe, that is true but it is not Cologne.

Nevertheless, Jess Phillips’ bit of ‘whataboutery’ successfully diverted attention away from what is a subject needing discussion to one that she thinks desperately needs more attention (ie Jess Phillips herself, hey she’s a politician after all) and a subject that does need discussion but gets it anyway (naughty teenagers and 20-somethings).


The exact same thing arose in the Cologne threads here too, where people were saying that this is exactly what happens all the time in Times Square in New York on New Years Eve too.
The case you give about this Jess Phillips goes to the absolute failure of political leadership to navigate these waters. Not everyone who is incensed by her ‘whataboutery’ is in any way or form a right wing extremist, or even a conservative.
But when it the extreme right wing in a country or a continent who are the ONLY ones who have the decency to give this kind of serious issue the attention it deserves, the whole system morphs into something very degraded and degrading for everyone and anyone.

If a president of America can fall over the cover-up of a simple burglary, when is anyone going to be held accountable for the cover-up of what is happening in Europe these days? There have been times when the cover-up rises above the moral imbecility of this Phillips lady into abject criminal behavior.
When are officials going to be held accountable for this?


Over the last few months, I’ve been reading a number of books on the great chaos of ‘displaced persons’ - refugees, camp survivors, prisoners of war, ex-forced labourers and the ‘ethnically cleansed’ at the end of the Second World War.

One of the things that has struck me is that an awful lot of where we are now was actually quite predictable - even down to the behaviour of the young men outside Cologne Station - and we’ve had an enormous amount of data about the handling of masses of ‘displaced persons’ for sixty years.

And the way it’s been dealt with warrants the word ‘clueless.’ We’ve arrived at a situation where the populations of several European states are more than a little alarmed and the best interests of the refugees and migrants themselves are being very badly handled. Young male economic migrants might not raise much sympathy but they have been gravely misled.

The ‘officials’ may not end up being held to account but a lot of reputations are going to be buried.


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