Former KKK leader David Duke strikes out at Trump for condemning a white nationalist rally

*Former KKK leader David Duke struck out at President Donald Trump for condemning the violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In a series of tweets Duke questioned why the president, whom he usually supports, is attacking white Americans who put him “in the presidency.”

After violence erupted at the “Unite the Right” rally, Trump tweeted, “We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”*

David Duke thinks that is an attack? Man, he is really thin skinned. Didn’t he hear Trump say all sides do it?

The Dems, meanwhile, are mad at him for not naming specific groups. :shrug:

One group had the permit to gather. They were protesting the removal of a Civil
War statue. Were both sides armed - were there people on both sides that had weapons?
It seems the others showed up to provoke and protest the first group and the
police should have kept them apart and limited to a certain area. When they know
there could be violence, why don’t they take steps to prevent the violence from taking
place? When they issue permits for marches or protests, why not say no weapons allowed and no destruction of public property?
The problem is so many protesters come wanting to incite violence and hurt others and destroy property. And why allow vehicles around protesters who are marching
in the street?
I am not a fan of David Duke by any means, but I also don’t agree with removal of
Civil War statues.
This was a terrible tragedy.
I am not a fan of Governor MacAuliffe either and I thought his press conference was

Wow. Sure looks like you are blaming the protesters that used their Constitutional rights to stand up to a fascist, racist group.

Remember when Trump said he was going to call evil by its name? He made a big deal about that. So… Here we are. Confronted by an evil. And…

all sides do it.

All sides of what?

There is no defense for the so-called white nationalists. Racists is whet they are. They represent no “nation.” They are, as members of society, entirely without merit. Their opinions are fit for nowhere but the sewer.

One cannot, with any sense of reason, claim that anyone but but the White Racists are to blame.

I’m afraid of protests and rallies sponsored by klansmen and Nazis and other villains because I know I would be committing sins in a violent way if I were present.

So to say “all sides are guilty” is to accessory of their hatred.

What we should do is melt down all those rebel statues and turn them
Into something useful, like. . . .

And several Republicans are outraged… and most decent people (…not just dems)

Hates groups are horrible regardless of what party they vote for in elections. The KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, BLM, and Antifa are all terrible groups.

Then you must be really ticked off at Trump’s statement yesterday. So was I so we’re good.

The President mistakenly thought this was the time to point that out.

When someone gets killed, just concentrate on the one guy driving the car who is indisputably wrong, who committed assault and murder. When everyone calms down, that is the time to talk about “all sides.”

I mean the President wouldn’t have made an allusion to some Islamic jihad after Oklahoma City or bring the KKK to mind right after 9-11. When there is a shocking and outrageous act of violence, don’t draw broad comparisons. It is like going to a funeral and saying, “I know just how you feel.” No, on that day, you don’t. On that day, there is one family grieving, and you just let them grieve and then later some day the two of you can compare what you went through.

Yes, if you talk to experts, the range of points of view from which extremists or disturbed members act in a terrorist manner is very broad. Not today, though. Not today.

I am generally for maintaining historic statues and other items. Having said that, I can understand why maintaining these items might not be something a city wants to do on its dime in this day and age when most cities are running a deficit using tax dollars to take care of basic needs like road repair and trash pickup, and I would favor the statues being given to private parties to keep and maintain. Private museums, etc would also likely be able to keep the statues safer and in better repair than putting them out in the middle of the public areas.

However, setting all of that aside, this march on Charlottesville was a Richard Spencer production. He is a “white nationalist” aka open racist. I find a number of the alt-right guys like Molyneux and Cernovich to be interesting, even if I don’t agree with everything they say, but Spencer is just bad news, period, on par with Westboro Baptist for agitation value. I also don’t think much of the antifa who show up with the intention of punching out Richard Spencer and his ilk; I understand why they might want to do this, but I don’t condone violence in the context of free speech.

In short, the whole thing was just a mess, and if stuff like this is going to happen around these statues, then cities need to move double-time to work out some plan for them, whether it’s putting them in private hands or something else. Assuming that I want to preserve a statue for its history value, I also do not want a bunch of protesters making it the center of a riot, which may well end with the statue getting harmed as well as people being hurt and property being damaged, none of which is OK in my book or somehow “justified by rage” or any of that.

Maybe the other side should have stayed home. Why attend a rally or protest if you are worried about violence? Because of the nature of the protesters today, especially on the left, are looking for excitement and being able to tell people "I was there"
and give themselves some kind of notoriety. They are dangerous and care nothing about the destruction of property they cause. Many are never arrested. They just want confrontations with the police and maybe 15 minutes of fame if the media
catches them on camera.

The rebel statues are a piece of history. The Civil War is a part of our history and
many soldiers lost their lives on both sides in many great battles. Because of that war, our country remained united and slavery ended. Why erase history?

That’s what I’ve been saying all along. They need to all be condemned.

…or at least staged a more fun event on the other side of town to draw attention away from the White nationalists. But the choices made by the other side do not justify the violence done by the WNs.

Because of the nature of the protesters today, especially on the left, are looking for excitement and being able to tell people "I was there"
and give themselves some kind of notoriety.

No amount of disparaging of the left can justify the killing that was done.

The rebel statues are a piece of history. The Civil War is a part of our history and
many soldiers lost their lives on both sides in many great battles. Because of that war, our country remained united and slavery ended. Why erase history?

No amount of justification of the statues can justify the violence done by the WNs. Even if you are totally right about the statues, that does not justify what they did.

That must have been a reference to Antifa.

The Rise of the Violent Left

Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?

How is black lives matter a hate group? I certainly don’t think their innocent. Explain. Do they inherently believe whites are inferior by nature, how many crosses have they burned on people’s lawns? It is rooted in the ideology that America is for blacks only.
They are guilty of violence but I would never classify them with the freaking ku Klux Klan

Every protest whether it be the walk for life or save the trees will have counter protests. It is difficult for me to expect peace when a well known hate group shows up to town. Íd be outraged and frankly scared they were protesting in my town. I would definitely expect violence to ensure. After all they are a hate group.

I am not trying to justify any killing or the tragedy that happened.
I would not want to be anywhere around where the KKK or neo Nazis are gathering.
The police have enough on their plate without evrerybpdy showing up like it
is a Saturday picnic.
If they are going to allow gatherings where violence is likely to occur, the police need a better plan.

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