Former KKK leader threatens politicians


Dont know about anyone else, but I doubt his threats would actually surprise anyone! LOL It wouldnt surprise me to find out some politicians keep ties to people/ groups like this.


David Duke, huh? :rolleyes:

Should have figured.

What a mess.


I’m not pro David Duke but a lot of these far right wing groups get treated far worse than their left wing counterparts like the black panthers.


I wonder if that Scalise fellow ever palled around with Bill Ayers, or Bernadine Dohrn?


For some reason in the US, UK, and a few other countries, politicians appear to have no fear whatsoever of anyone revealing there ties to radical leftist groups.


Probably because ties to the KKK and other such groups is the least severe of all the skeletons in most of their closets.


Republican speak to them, Democrats elect them to Congress


Just curious as to why anybody would believe Duke about anything.


probably because he more than likely has documents and/or video, audio to back up his claims.


I guess we’ll see. Personally, I doubt he has it.


One Republican apparently spoke to them. But every liberal politician admires Margaret Sanger, a woman who spoke at a KKK rally.


Why is the Republican Party running in fear …

They should educate the people on the real face of the Klan … the Democratic Party:
David Duke started his political career as a Democrat … he is a switch hitter - saying he left the Klan in 1980 and ran for president as a democrat in 1988 … would have made Duke KKK member as a democrat …

Harry Truman [Democrat] was a KKK member - though it is said he objected and wanted his dues back when told he could not hire Catholics. President of the US

Robert Byrd - US Senator - Democrat - Grand Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops - Elected and re-elected ad nauseam …

Hugo Black Democratic Senator and US Supreme Court Justice - Klan Member and anti-Catholic [whom we also have to thank for the codifying in a Supreme Court decision the “separation of Church and State” ugh]

The list of Democrats is very long … the list of Republicans is much shorter …

The Klan targeted African Americans, Jews and Catholics [in Oregon - the Catholic Church was the primary target of an active Klan and it was primarily Democratic - Walter Pierce = Governor and Democrat]

In Washington State - Congressman Albert Johnson was not only a Klan member but a support of the Eugenics Movement [we more readily associate eugenics with Margaret Sanger – but it also has Klan ties]

Some historians call the Klan the Terrorist Arm of the Democratic Party - they killed hundreds of Black Republican in Louisiana to prevent their votes and only allowed people t vote for democrats …

And somehow - the Republicans are the face of the Klan … I just do not understand how Rachel Maddow, MSNBC and other Mainline Media can attach the KKK with the Republican Party with a straight face and re-write history and have such an apoplexy of moral outrage against republicans … and people buy this hook line and sinker …


Wasn’t the Democratic party split between the Northern Democrats and the Southern Democrats (the Dixiecrats), and weren’t the Dixiecrats (of course, not all) mainly those Democrats who had ties with the KKK?

What you say about Harry Truman is new information to me. I do know, however, that in his early years, before becoming President and also a firm supporter of Israel, his letters reveal virulent antisemitism. Some people change, while others, such as David Duke, apparently do not.


In Oregon and Washington State - I do not think you could consider the Klan Dixiecrats - in the reconfigured Klan of the early 1900s was national in scope … and a membership of 4 million … In Oregon and Washington States - the primary target of the Klan was Catholics and the Catholic Church …

There is a book out about the atrocities the Democrats through the Klan perpetrated on the Republicans and the Reconstruction of the South - murder, mayhem and every kind of atrocity …

In Oregon the Klan influenced Democratic politicians outlawed parochial school education in an effort to close every Catholic School in the State … with the financial support of the Knights of Columbus - the Sisters of the Holy Names fought the State of Oregon all the way to the Federal United States Supreme Court in Pierce and prevailed - overturning an overtly biased anti-Catholic piece of legislation


Thanks for the information. Both political parties have changed quite a lot since those days, for better and worse.


Perhaps - but its not that long ago what Robert Byrd was still in the Senate [1959 to 2010] and Congress before that [1953-1959] … and a democrat that entire time … we did not see the shrill moral angst exhibited by Rachel Maddow about the illustrious Senator Byrd … just like she doesn’t mention that David Duke was a democrat when he was in the Klan - evidenced by his starting his political career as a democrat …

And if you think that the Republicans have more ties to the Klan right now - :shrug: based upon what … also - what is the Klan today … it is nothing but a bunch of looney tunes …

The Klan today is much like the Westboro Baptist’s …a minor fringe hate group that gets lots of play in the media - but doesn’t represent any view point of any real force of people … its just a very few mentally challenged hate mongers … and portraying them as the face of conservatism or the Republican party is totally absurd …

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