Former Mormon converts to Orthodoxy and Catholicism

Hello everyone,

I am looking to get in touch with more former Mormons who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy. Any here?

I found a couple blogs from Mormons who became Orthodox. Do either of the authors post here?

Hi Coltsfan and welcome…

I was born into the Latin rite of Catholicism, became Mormon, then reverted back

However the more I have learned and prayed, the more I know that by spiritual understandings and charism, I am far more Orthodox.

Catholicism seems to need to define everything extensively.
I relate more to living the Mystery which seems to be the Orthodox approach…

I pray that some how, some way, the the two lungs start functioning as part of the One Body that they are…

In Christ. God’s Blessings.

Hey Coltsfan,

I am a former Mormon who ultimately chose Orthodoxy over Catholicism. I know a few others as well. If you have facebook look up “Mormons Discovering Orthodoxy” and they can get you in touch with more converts.

Please pray and work towards the reunion of the Church. We sorely need it.

You know, there ARE Eastern Rite Catholics–Byzantine and Maronite are probably the most common of which in the U.S. You can have your cake and eat it too :slight_smile:

I have deep sympathies with the Orthodox, but I do appreciate the Latin deep systematic examination of doctrine. The Church can be in union, however, with both approaches. You need not take the Latin approach; Eastern understanding of Mystery and mysticism reveals much of God (and our relationship with him) in different ways than does the West; both are valid.

Agreed! And AMEN!! :thumbsup:


Defining helps those special few…eclectic the right word…who need to have philosophic understanding for everything.

The Church serves all, including those who want definitions out there…think of Arianus the priest who started arianism, which in turn led to the final revelation of Christ – in the Church, not Scripture, Jesus True God and True Man.

Leave it to a priest, not a lay person, back in ancient times who would contemplate on such mysteries.

May be alot of definitions intend to be directed to scholars seeking conversion…may be…but there are people out there who ask alot of questions, may be those not in the norm, that expect the Church to provide any and all answers about Christ and our religion.

I think the Western Church’s approach is a necessary part of Western culture. Whether it created the scientific view and need for detailed rational answers or is just responding to it, the Western Church demonstrates that Christian beliefs are eminently rational. Amidst a worldly culture that is influenced heavily by scientism and skepticism of religious belief, that’s very important. I’m glad the Holy Spirit prepared the Church in this way to respond to this age.

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