Former Mormon turning Catholic Marraige question

I have a friend that was unbaptized and not a christian when he married. He and his wife later joined the Mormon church. They are divorced now and he’s considering joining the Catholic church. I know that he has to be baptized because the Mormon baptism isn’t valid but does he also need an annulment? Or is there a different annulment path for those that were unbaptized when they were married?


If he isn’t now married to a second woman, no, but if he is remarried then yes, because he can’t get baptized while living in sin of a second marriage, because in the eyes of the church he’s still married to the first.

Please tell your friend to make an appointment with a Priest to discuss his situation. As a divorced person who has not remarried he can go through RCIA and receive the Sacraments of the Church. Until he applies for a decree of nullity and has a tribunal look at his first marriage he cannot date or remarry as a Catholic.

God Bless your friend!

All of the above. However, if his wife was also not a Baptized Christian, the marriage may be dissolved under the Pauline privalege. In that case, an annulment would not be needed.

The intricacies of natural, not Sacramental, marriages are often not in the skill set of those leading RCIA programs. For that reason, it’s important that he spend some time with the pastor, and get guidance from him after explaining all the details.

You’re absolutely right. Most RCIA Directors, including myself, have just enough knowledge to make us dangerous. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all cases that involve previous marriages, except death of a spouse, we automatically refer the person to our pastoral advocate for annulments.

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