Former Muslim author to speak on peace and human rights

Appearance provokes debate among student groups

Written by POOJA KUMAR

Darwish was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in Gaza. In 1978, she moved to America and became a Christian.
I left Islam," she said. “Islam left me. When I went to mosques in America the atmosphere was very anti-Semitic. I was told, don’t assimilate in America. I lived with that religion for a long time I didn’t want to go anymore. The way Islam is brought today is very anti-women and very anti-minority. Islam law is very oppressive of women and minorities. I could not reconcile that and stay a Muslim.”
After the events of 9/11, Darwish started speaking out against radicalism, hate speech and violence.

The human rights of 3,000 were taken by people whose religion told them to do so," she said. “They are following the words of their religion literally. And unfortunately I don’t just blame them; I blame their teachers and religious leaders. There is a lot of literal education of religion in the Muslim world going on right now. If the Koran says strike the hearts of unbelievers they go strike the hearts of unbelievers.”
Sept. 11 prompted Darwish to begin an online forum called Arabs for Israel that is for Arabs and Muslims who support the state of Israel and the cause of peace in the Middle East, according to the organization’s website. She soon started receiving e-mails of support from Arab readers, but the senders always told her to refrain from publishing their names.

I thought there was a need for good and free-loving Arabs to speak out for their wish of peace for Israel but they are still afraid because it’s a taboo," she said. “I created this as a forum to speak freely.”
Allison Daley, Immediate Past Chair for the Davis College Republicans said DCR invited Darwish to speak because she will be an interesting and different speaker who has a unique experience to share.

People will be more open and aware that this going on. We want everyone to come with open hearts and open minds," Daley said. “We believe that peace comes from the heart, from the individual. We hope that people take away that peace in the Middle East can be achieved and women’s right in the Middle East as well is a big issue. We want a message of peace and love and for everyone to be able to get along in the Middle East without killing.”
President of the Muslim Student Association Yussuf Abdel-aleem said Darwish takes examples from certain instances related to Islam and attributes them to the whole Muslim population.

We don’t like people like Darwish to come because we feel they misrepresent and misconstrue Islam," said Abdel-aleem, a senior political science major. "For example, she generally shows Islam as misogynist and chauvinistic, which is the case sometimes, but she can’t make the distinctions between cultural differences between the religion of the Islam and the reality of Islam, which 2 billion people of the world are practicing today.

And she is part of what the Davis College Republicans are trying to do - to tarnish the image of Islam," Abdel-aleem said. “I feel like half of what she says is for shock value.”
In response, members of DCR said all student groups are welcome to listen to Darwish and her experiences. DCR encourages people to come with open minds, Daley said.
“Obviously on a campus such as UC Davis the Republicans don’t have a great reputation,” Daley said. “We want people to understand that whatever the stereotype of Republicans might be, they should form their own opinion and meet us. We work towards peace and having people like Darwish who have a message of peace and hope.”
Darwish also said she is trying to speak out against only those who are radical.

I know the majority of Muslims are good and peace-loving people and those are not the people I’m talking about," she said. “I criticized Islam and I have the right to.”
" she said. “How did we produce so many people who are ready to kill others? Not all Muslims but quite a few of them. Why did this happen? What did we do to produce them? There is something in our education or way we teach our religion.”


yap sure ; that’s why in the west , more women are embracing Islam than men :smiley:

…Western women are turning to Islam in rapidly increasing numbers. Kay Jardine discovers why they are so keen to become Muslims…She is one of a rapidly increasing number of British women turning to Islam, thought to be the fastest growing religion in the world.

Although there are no official figures on the subject, there is no doubt that the number of reverts is on the rise and the majority are women, according to Nicole Bourque, a senior lecturer in social anthropology at Glasgow University and an expert in conversion to Islam in Britain.

…Women who turn to Islam are aware of the widespread western perception that they are oppressed and discriminated against, but insist that the depiction is a false image

It’s true, women are embracing Islam at rates of 3 or 4 to 1 (compared to men, of course.)

I’m proud to be one of them! :thumbsup:

Have you ever heard of the phrase “mass suicide”? :slight_smile:

A serious and legitimate question is WHY are women so much more likely to embrace Islam and convert than men? Further, what are the breakdowns along ethnic and sociological lines, as well as income? How about in the US versus Europe, etc.

Well, i don’t have to look as far away as the US or Europe. Muslim men have been dating alot of non-Muslim women even here in Singapore. Many target expat Caucasian women but also local non-Muslim girls who are vulnerable and easily get suckered for ‘love’. Muslims are commanded to marry and convert kufrs and multiply. That is the new jihad. Many women who have married Muslim men have some form of issues underlying - i’m not saying all women who married Muslim men are weak, but most are.

There was a nationwide statistics carried out a few years ago. The divorce rate amongst Muslims here are high - in fact it is one of the highest. (Non-Muslim) Women who married Muslim men have now in effect, become non-Muslims once more.

Many Western women are also unaware of the dangers of marrying Muslim men and when they do realize it, its too late.

Islam is not the fastest growing religion because of conversion. The fact is, Islam is growing because Muslim families are now baby-factories.

Muslim families are now baby factories? Since when is that a bad thing? We Cathlics would do well to imitate them “Be fruitful and multiply”:smiley:

I can count among my intimate acquaintance at least 20, maybe 30 woman converts to Islam.

Most of them are middle class, well-educated (a degree or at least some college coursework), and well-employed (in engineering and computer science, broadcast media) or else they choose to stay at home to care for their children while their husband works (if they are married.)

Most of the ones I know are white, brought up Christian, local to the area. I also know a few Hispanic converts and several African-American converts. In my community the whites probably outnumber blacks, but in another community it might be the reverse.

In the USA, most immigrant Muslims tend to be upper-middle class, well-educated, usually higher than a bachelor’s degree. In Europe, most immigrant Muslims tend to be lower class workers. So the stigmas are very different.

Commanded to marry and convert kufrs and multiply? Good grief, I don’t think I could make up a funnier-sounding line. LOL. Muslims are commanded no such thing (nor are they commanded what you meant to say, rather than what you did), and I think you know better. New jihad? Same jihad, why don’t you go figure out what that is?

Moreover, men don’t need to convert women to Islam to marry them!! Haha, the men can marry Christian women without their choosing to convert–suckered or not! LOL. Moreover, I know tons of converted women, none of them weak–most of them stronger than their husbands, in fact. And most of them converted BEFORE ever getting married. Those who got married afterwards did so based on choice though, and not coercion. And I mean of all the women I know who converted, none did so at the behest of their husbands or they were too weak to resist or suckered or whatever. Pure nonsense from you. Taqiyya, maybe.

There was a nationwide statistics carried out a few years ago. The divorce rate amongst Muslims here are high - in fact it is one of the highest. (Non-Muslim) Women who married Muslim men have now in effect, become non-Muslims once more.

That happens here too… but divorce is totally unrelated. Stick to the topic, will ya!?

Dangers? Enough with the boogeyman. Most Muslim men who marry Western non-Muslim women really don’t care about religion in the first place… otherwise they’d be more intent on marrying a Muslimah. Or else, they are marrying to get some kind of legal status (unfortunate, happens a lot though.)

Islam is not the fastest growing religion because of conversion. The fact is, Islam is growing because Muslim families are now baby-factories.

Hmm… that looks like a strawman! Can I get a second opinion?

Nobody said that Islam is the fastest growing religion because of conversion. I said that most converts are women. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s reality:
Non-Muslim Woman: Should You Marry a Muslim Man?
You have probably never come across Islamic propaganda in the form of leaflets encouraging the Muslim man in the street to entice the kafir woman and marry her in order to convert her. Well, i have. It happened here before until our government put a stop to the imam who was spreading such propaganda.

You can choose not to believe. You are after all, a Muslim. :wink:

They stab the West but love the idea of marrying the green card. If you hadn’t noticed, most Muslim men who emigrated to the US are inwardly radicals. What makes you think they do not have the intention of setting up a modern caliphate and bringing back the glorious days of Mohammad’s adventure to Babeland?

I sense alot of anger in you. That’s perfectly normal for you i guess.

Please. Where have you been? Are you oblivious to what friends like planten and Muslim Woman repeatedly state?

I have not encountered any such thing. And your post admits it was an aberration… :cool:



yap , kids are gifts from God .


huh…media always give us an impression that in the world only Muslim women are opressed ?? How come non-Muslim girls are vulnerable ? Which holy book is responsible for that ? Why no media is bashing that religion ?

. Muslims are commanded to marry and convert kufrs and multiply. That is the new jihad

lol…who gave this fatwa ? Sis already mentioned Muslim men are allowed to marry Jews & Christians women . Also , many scholars think now a days Muslim men must not marry non - Muslims . It’s very hard to raise kids as Muslims in a non - Muslim country , specially when mom is a not a pious Muslimah.

You consider it an aberration because you do not live here, have never encountered situations such as the above mentioned. People can be oblivious to some things, especially if it concerns a religious dilemma or situation. Frankly, i do not have the time to sit down and type a bunch of lies if this is really what you are trying to insinuate.

Why do you always have to assume the blame is on the competing religion? Are you not aware of what secularization, popular culture and materialism is doing to women (and men) these days? It transcends your religious understanding of moral conduct and discipline.

You can sit around and deny what is truly happening around you. But observers have noticed a growing trend of non-Muslim women marrying Muslim men, because of what BBC, PBS, History Channel and Nat Geo and Discovery are doing - Reinventing history for Islam and thrashing Christianity.

I have no problems with inter-racial or inter-religious marriages. It becomes a problem when Mullahs, Imams and Sheiks actually do encourage the laity a form of jihad on the kufr - not by the sword this time, but using marriage and false impressions of love to entice the non-Muslim woman.

If you start with the immigation information, you can piece together who is converting. Well educated and higher income Muslims would be around and attract the same in converts. Likewise, poorly educated and lower income would attract the same.

Historically, in the United States, the group most likely to convert to Islam has been urban African American. However, recent data confirms what Sister Amy has said: more educated, higher income, non-Black groups. Hispanics, by and large, have not been a major factor in the conversion.

Now, what is it in Islam that attracts these women? In the UNited States, it cannot be a lack of opportunities for women. Nor can it be a lack of education. What is it in Islam that appeals to them?

I know that this is subjective, but something tells me instinctively that there is a sociological thing going on here.

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