Former Nevada AG Claims Trump Would ‘Convincingly’ Have Won State Without Mail-In Voting

Former Nevada AG Claims Trump Would ‘Convincingly’ Have Won State Without Mail-In Voting

By Jon Brown
Nov 5, 2020

The former Republican attorney general of Nevada said last night that President Donald Trump would have “convincingly” won the state if mail-in voting laws had not changed 90 days before the election and if Republicans had been better able to monitor the ballot counting process.

Adam Laxalt, speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” said, “Let me first say we believe we have a path to victory, but the Democrats have absolutely stacked the deck against us in this election.”

“They’ve changed this election inside 90 days and as votes are being counted and America thinks that with all these mail-in ballots, that you think you have people watching that counting going on, we are still not allowed to watch the signature-matching,” Laxalt continued. “We are not allowed to challenge any of those signatures. So, they switch us to this new system, and they give us no right to be sure that only legal voters count. As America knows, those that stayed up like me all night — they dumped these at 3 a.m. They counted through the middle of the night.”

There have been some informative discussions on mail-in voting but what if the rules are changed 90 days before the election. It appears to be a lot more to the issue.

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In Arizona, we have had mail in voting for many years.
I like it because I can be in the comfort of my home and take my time going through the ballot. I feel it helps me be a more informed voter as I take my time researching different candidates on our ballot like judges, corporation commissioners or researching and reading the pros and cons of the propositions.

I am 68 and would not like to stand in line for hours.

I can understand where having so many mail in ballots
can be time consuming - having to verify signatures, etc. So I don’t know what the answer is.

Our voting process definitely needs to be overhauled.
It is a mess.

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In Pennsylvania, apparently they made a rule to accept ballots after election day, November 3rd. I mean, when it starts to be a situation where people can vote post election, there is something wrong with that rule.

Now, I acknowledge, I may not have the facts perfectly correct but it’s something like that.

There is no rule. They must be postmarked by november 3rd. No voting is occurring, just counting of the votes.


He is saying things would be different if things had been different. This feels like a bit of a tautology, no?


Pennsylvania changed the voting laws only 2 weeks
before the election. Very convenient for Joe.

I would like to point out that Pennsylvania’s legislature, both their house and Senate are controlled by Republicans.

Any changes to Pennsylvania voting laws were voted on by the Republican controlled Pennsylvania Congress


I’m not sure about this, there are voting commissions. I don’t doubt what you say, I’m just saying, sometimes we don’t know the whole story.

If the Republican controlled legislature passed these laws, why were the Republicans against the Judge’s ruling in September 2020? Simple, I guess a few Republicans could have joined the Democrats but I’m not sure we have the whole picture here.

On the heels of the decisions, Republicans in the state legislature wrote in a statement that they are exploring legal and legislative options to circumvent the rulings.

“Today’s decision makes Pennsylvania’s elections less secure and opens the door to serious questions about the integrity of the process in one of the most significant national and state elections in recent memory,” Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff wrote.

Read up on Pennsylvania Act 77. It was a complete overhaul of Pennsylvanias election laws.

“The state House of Representatives on Tuesday advanced the bill in a 138-61 vote. Later that day, the state Senate approved it in a 35-14 vote.”

  1. Allows no-excuse mail-in voting. The law creates a new option to vote by mail without needing an excuse, which is currently required for voters using absentee ballots. Pennsylvania joins 31 other states and Washington, D.C. with mail-in voting that removes barriers to elections.
  2. Sets a50-day mail-in voting period: Voters can request and submit their mail-in or absentee ballot up to 50 days before the election. That’s the longest vote-by-mail period in the country, according to information from the governor’s office.

The bill might have been tweaked by the Courts though. I did see those articles and dealing with COVID as well. I don’t doubt anything you say. I am saying there could be more to the picture. You too may dismiss this.

And expensive.

The article posted by @Allie1 lists the problematic section of Act 77:

5. **Extends mail-in and absentee submission deadlines** : Voters can submit mail-in and absentee ballots until 8 p.m. on election day. The current deadline is 5:00 p.m. on the Friday before an election.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that ballots can be accepted from the Postal service for 3 days after the election. I assume the ruling acknowledges that the deadline for mailing a ballot had changed, but it would make no sense if the deadline for delivery was not also channged.

The US Supreme Court, about 2 weeks ago, declined to review the PA Supreme Court’s decision, leaving it in place but directing the late arriving ballots be segregated from the rest, though included in the count.

There are not that many ballots covered by this. Most mail in ballots were received before election day, but could not be counted until the polls closed, creating the confusing post election count. This was all in accordance with Act 77’s rules.

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