Former Patient Challenges Pro-Abort MP to Debate Abortion

Former Patient Challenges Pro-Abort MP to Debate Abortion

CALGARY, Alberta, May 5, 2010 ( - In response to Liberal Member of Parliament Dr. Hedy Fry’s claim that the abortion debate is unnecessary in Canada, one of her former patients is publicly challenging her to discuss the issue – a patient cared for by Dr. Fry in-utero and beyond.

Yesterday, Fry, Member of Parliament from Vancouver Centre, stated that she was ready to debate abortion with anyone, but that the debate was not necessary in Canada.

“She obviously hasn’t paid attention to what’s going on at universities recently,” said Stephanie Gray, executive director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

Gray, whose own mother was a patient of Dr. Fry when she was pregnant with her, says a new generation of Canadians who weren’t old enough to vote when abortion was debated in the 1980’s, are demanding that their voice be heard now.

“Pro-life students are being censored, banned and even charged for trespassing on their own schools,” said Gray. “That doesn’t sound like a dead debate to me.”

The generation of those who were lucky enough to survive until birth in this abortion culture and who may even have lost siblings to abortion, quite reasonably want to have a voice in the matter.

Where are all the children?Why are schools closing?.why are we dependent upon Immigration to replenish our population?Because our children have been murderously butchered in the womb.Once the worlds safest place-now the worlds most dangerous.I have seen t-shirts proclaiming the wearer as a survivor of the Holocaust caused by Roe v Wade.No wonder the young are flocking to the pro-life side.May 13 and 14 I will be a chaperone to dozens of teenagers of the thousands and thousands of young people who will attend Canada’s biggest pro-life March,demonstration and conferences in our Nation’s Capital,Ottawa.Please pray for us(them) and ask God to grant us sunny skies.

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