Former Planned Parenthood director opens ‘truly pro-woman’ health center


Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-life advocate, is opening a pregnancy resource center in the same area where she formerly helped women end their pregnancies.

In partnership with the Guiding Star Project—an organization that provides pro-life health services to women and their families—Johnson will open Guiding Star Brazos Valley to offer “life affirming, pro-woman health care, fertility care, and pregnancy support.”

Johnson’s new project melds her passion for life with her passion for serving women. “I became pro-life but I have never stopped being pro-woman,” she said. “The Guiding Star Project, with their vision for community-based Guiding Star centers, has finally given me the opportunity to do what I have wanted all along—to help and serve women, while respecting their dignity and the dignity of the unborn as well.”


Praise Be To God.:thumbsup:




A complete turnaround in someones life. … I pray for a complete turnaround in the govt policies that promote abortion and a return to God.


I think I need more sleep…I was looking for the “Like” button on this thread…:whacky:


I am so touched by this story - Praise the Lord


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