Former Planned Parenthood Director to Expose Abortion Biz

Former Planned Parenthood Director to Expose Abortion Biz

Washington, DC – Abby Johnson was named an employee of the year in 2008 when she was the director of a Planned Parenthood abortion business in southeast Texas, but the recent pro-life convert will tell all in a new webcast.

thanks for posting… I think it will be an interesting webcast…

I read her first chapter… she says… Why didn’t I do the research myself…

I wonder if this is a big reason so many fall into this trap?

I signed up for the webcast as well. Like Abby, I participated in abortion by counseling others when I was in college. I had an internship at Planned Parenthood. Everyone thought it was so cool. It is amazing how one little lie…“it isn’t really a baby”…can destroy so many lives, mothers, fathers and babies. I have confessed this sin but still live with tremendous guilt. I read the first chapter and was brought to tears remembering when God first revealed the truth about abortion to me. I think that it is something so awful that many good people just don’t want to think about it or think it is none of their business. So many Couples ache to become parents and are unable to conceive. I understand the desperation of young women when faced with a pregnancy when they are unable to provide for the child or are not ready to parent their child.God bless the mothers who choose adoption and life! God bless the mothers who kill their own children because they are not given accurate information and encouraged to abort because it seems like an easy way out. I hope Abby’s story helps inspire others that it is possible to change hearts and minds.

God bless you Sharen! And God bless Abby Johnson. Norma McCorvey (Roe v. Wade) finally converted to Catholicism after years of pushing God out of her life. She never even had an abortion but she did run an abortion clinic for years. We may feel defeated sometimes, but when the Holy Spirit wins hearts, we win BIG!

God have mercy.

The webcast is this evening, starting a little over an hour from now.

This was a very good webcast I highly recommend it to everyone and please get the book “Unplanned” of not for yourself for someone who is on the fence or pro-choice. I got mine on Kindle last night.

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