Former president of Ireland criticises Church's "gay viewpoint"

See the above news article in which the former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese criticised the Catholic Church for its ‘isolated’ views on homosexuality.
“They will have heard words like disorder, they may even have heard the word evil used in relation to homosexual practice,” she said."*

People wonder where Catholic Ireland is today. Ireland used to be Catholic and orthodox at that. It is no wonder it collapsed quickly when the political leaders who call themselves Catholic take every position against the Church’s teaching. Mary McAleese has gone to Rome recently to study Canon law. She believes herself to be well schooled in theology and yet anyone with a penny Catechism could tear her arguments apart.

People like this are the so-called intellectuals of this age. Claiming to be devout Catholics and yet their political lives and votes show them to be against the Church at every turn. Mrs Mc Aleese, as much as she may have studied Canon law, still thought it right to go into an Anglican Church when she was elected president and take bread and wine from a protestant minister and had the audacity to defend her actions. This is to say nothing of her dealings with abortion and divorce legislation.

This is not a personal judgement on Mary McAleese or any one else. I cannot see her soul. She may spend hours in prayer each night for all we know, but when someone of her status claims to be a devout Catholic and yet calls for Women priests, end to Celibacy, acceptance of Homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and every other agenda on the liberal table we must speak out. The dangerous thing is that people uneducated in the faith are listening to her and not seeing her positions condemned, they are agreeing with her. Very disturbing - St Patrick would turn in his grave seeing just how pagan Ireland is becoming once again.

Sanctus Patricius, ora pro nobis.

Former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese criticized Jesus Christ for His isolated view on homosexuality.


Judas Iscariot. Betrayer of Christ.

'Nuff said.

Habeo Miserere Domine Jesu.

Mrs. McAleese also ‘took communion’ in a Protestant church. I don’t think she knows much about Catholicism, despite being Catholic. Someone should take her aside privately and have a word. Or even rebuke her publicly. If she wants to lecture the Church, turn-bout is fair play.

I agree with this.

Canon lawyer, my foot. :rolleyes:

She believes herself to be well schooled in theology and yet anyone with a penny Catechism could tear her arguments apart.

Theologian, my foot. :rolleyes:

I have met folks like her who, even with JCLs and STBs after their names still make big fools of themselves. I was at a dinner once where a Catholic chap, who claimed to have a Master in Pastoral Theology, argued that the Sacrament of Confession is not Biblical. He and McAleese must have attended the same university.

Ireland will never recover from the effect of abusive nuns and priests. It was the hypocrisy of men such as Archbishop McQuaid who effectively ruled Ireland with an orthodox fist of iron whist in monasteries churches and convents children were beaten and abused.

After reading the various reports and commissions of enquiry into the abuse scandal, I agree, I find it hard to believe the Church will ever fully recover the position it once held in Ireland.

I don’t think Ireland will ever see a return to the days when the Church held an unquestioned authoratative hold over the population.

Personally, I think this is a good thing for the Irish people and the Church in Ireland.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

I quite agree. My experience is that the tenets of belief are still strongly held to be true. However there is a strong feeling that priests should be allowed to marry (indeed that it may even be more desirable) but never again with priests nuns and brothers hold such an unhealthy sway in Ireland as part of the establishment

The abuse is not the reason why the Church will not recover. Yes, it has been a huge scandal, but when I hear people on radio etc saying that they want to stop going to Mass because of this I am appalled. Who do they think they are punishing? The Mass is about God and God alone. Of course the abuse cover ups were a grave crime and scandal and the people responsible deserve punishment, however the doctrinal problem in Ireland is much worse. I can not even begin to describe the problem of faith here in Ireland at present. I don’t know anything about Archbishop McQuaid’s involvement in the abuse scandal, but I will say his orthodoxy was certainly not the problem. At least when the Churchmen are orthodox we can abhor their private lives and actions, but when they are liberal and unorthodox it is much much worse for the faith. We need orthodxy in Ireland today. It is ironic to see that Ireland which was once known for being extremely orthodox and supplied priests to the world is now one of the worst placed I myself have seen in terms of liberalism.

We have priests and nuns on Gay pride marches, advocating the rights to abortion, divorce, contrception etc etc. And all without any condemnation from the bishops. The school text books also are a joke. They, with full approval from the Bishop’s conference, teach that Jesus may not have known He was God, He did not preform miracles, that pop singers are prophets, that the ressurrection may have been a hallucination etc. One of the exercises the children must preform for homework is to write a letter of complaint to the Pope pretending you are Martin Luther! I would not have belived it had I not used these same books when I was at school and seen the imprimatur and approval of the Bishops’ concference on the front page. Any catholic who reads it will be appalled. Of course those who do not have the faith will not care what state the Church is in, but no one needs to be told that. The fact is “if you can’t stand the heat - get out of the Kitchen”. If someone wants gay marriage, women priests, contraception etc then become an Anglican. They would be glad to have more members. Don’t try and change the Church to suit your own liberal views. - This is directed at people like Mrs McAleese.

I completely agree with this. Thank you for your insight and God bless you.

I didn’t want to quote the whole post, but these were excellent points that I was going to say myself. Mc Alesse, Robinson before her, and the current holder of the office all have ‘liberal’ views. This is no surprise, and the fact that statements like these, in favour of gay ‘marriage’, abortion etc are rewarded rather than challenged says alot about the spiritual formation of Catholics in Ireland today.Sometimes I really do wish the detractors would switch to a ready-made church that already accomodates their views, than try to ‘turn’ our Catholic Church.:mad: Like redefining marriage, they want to change what being a catholic is. The problem is, once you do that, it ceases to be catholicism.

Ireland isn’t the only one. God bless Ireland!

No big surprise about this woman who wants to be all things to all people, the new President of Ireland isn’t a whole lot better with his ABORTION VIEWS !
Mary Mc’Aleese belittled Holy Communion by partaking of communion in a protestant church, which they consider to be only bread.

Shes just one of the many here in Ireland with their liberal views…

Speaking to RTÉ Radio, Mrs McAleese said many of these young men will have gone to Catholic schools and they will have heard there their church’s attitude to homosexuality.

“What does she want the Catholic Church to say, that it’s ok for a man to lie down with man as with a woman” ?

Those that teach have a greater responsibility and will be judged so, asking a person to ok another persons sin and says it’s ok for men to marry each other or commit lewd acts will not be ok, if it’s not ok with God…

I don’t believe faith in Ireland will ever die, badly bruised and broken yes, but it was bleak on Good Friday, but then along came Sunday, " He is Risen"

There are a lot of faith-filled people in Ireland…but that’s good news, which no-one wants to hear…

Are other faiths and Churches in Ireland increasing their membership, at the expense of the Catholic Church?

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Not that I know of, I’d say there is general apathy to all things religious with some people, you would be surprised at Mass attendance in some places especially the young attending, but these are exceptions.
It amazes me with people hammering down the Church door to have their children Baptized and never stand in Church again, unless it’s weddings or funerals.
Yes we have the Christening,Wedding and funeral attendees, but it’s like that in many places worldwide, or the Easter Brigade.
That’s their prerogative, I’m no saint myself, it’s just what I observe.

Can’t find the article, but i believe it was on of Mary Kenny’s and she stated that 10% of those training for the priesthood in the Church of Ireland (Anglican) are former Catholics:shrug: Most who leave the church will say they are ‘spritual’ , believe in God etc, but don’t like to make commitments like Church on a Sunday.:rolleyes:

I will never leave the Catholic Church, bad things happened when Jesus walked this earth, and many walked away.
If for the sake of getting my point across I did walk away, then I would join no-other, it would be like leaving Jesus hanging on the cross alone, and not turning up on Sunday…

We must stick things through thick & thin, we will be tested, just like it says in Matthew about satan sowing weeds and many falling by the way-side.

Sadly many forget this parable, but they can’t say they weren’t warned about it, that’s if they ever read it, or bothered to listen to it at Mass…

Don’t let satan sift you like wheat good people…

Where did Jesus say his view of homosexuality? Or are we just assuming that the Church’s view is Jesus’ view?

Why would that bother her? She would dismiss a private meeting, and she would enjoy the publicity of a public rebuke. I don’t see how that would be productive.

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